17 Jun 2010 6 pm eastern

I ♥ NY

New York Life Tower as seen from Happy Cog

New York Life Tower as seen from Happy Cog

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11 Responses to “I ♥ NY”

  1. Heather said on

    Jeffey – what a great looking shot! June storms can be so striking – Thanks!

  2. Mau said on

    Mr. Z… This is a jaw-dropping photo.


  3. Niels Matthijs said on

    Ugly render :p

    All joking aside though, it’s something I start to notice more an more often, photography looking more like computer graphics rather than the other way around.

  4. Dan Benjamin said on

    There is no Dana only Zuul.

  5. David Zemens said on

    Terrific photo Jeff.

    I love NYC. I’d move there in a heart beat. If I had the money. :-)

  6. Thanos said on

    The coolest spot to have an office full of designers: Manhattan NYC :}

  7. geezi said on

    Here’s what i got as a feed in my google reader from your blog. I thought yu should know. It’s probably a draft. But if i got it other RSS followers might be getting it too.

    I will never forget my father’s words.
    There’s this thing that men and women can do, that apparently a lot of men think about, that most women don’t want to do.
    If I were a woman, I wouldn’t want to do it.
    I was fourteen and just learning about these things, so I asked my dad about it.
    He told me he wasn’t interested, because:
    I was fourteen and had just found out about anal sex.
    I asked my dad about it. He said he wasn’t interested, because (wait for it):
    “I have too much respect for a lady’s vagina.”
    It’s the comic pathos of that abstracted possessive that has always haunted me.

  8. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Good Lord.

  9. stephen eighmey said on

    it’s beautiful.

  10. Evan Skuthorpe said on

    nice shot, hdr by chance?

  11. Gabriel de Kadt said on



    We’ve been getting some rather dramatic [and rather unseasonal] weather here in Cadiz province that looks like that too. ‘Cept for you’ll need to replace the tower with a small goat-adorned-white-village-up-a-mountain.

    [btw - I can vouch for the rather out-of character rss feed item too. wtf?]

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