11 thoughts on “I ♥ NY

  1. Ugly render :p

    All joking aside though, it’s something I start to notice more an more often, photography looking more like computer graphics rather than the other way around.

  2. Here’s what i got as a feed in my google reader from your blog. I thought yu should know. It’s probably a draft. But if i got it other RSS followers might be getting it too.

    I will never forget my father’s words.
    There’s this thing that men and women can do, that apparently a lot of men think about, that most women don’t want to do.
    If I were a woman, I wouldn’t want to do it.
    I was fourteen and just learning about these things, so I asked my dad about it.
    He told me he wasn’t interested, because:
    I was fourteen and had just found out about anal sex.
    I asked my dad about it. He said he wasn’t interested, because (wait for it):
    “I have too much respect for a lady’s vagina.”
    It’s the comic pathos of that abstracted possessive that has always haunted me.

  3. Cognizance?


    We’ve been getting some rather dramatic [and rather unseasonal] weather here in Cadiz province that looks like that too. ‘Cept for you’ll need to replace the tower with a small goat-adorned-white-village-up-a-mountain.

    [btw – I can vouch for the rather out-of character rss feed item too. wtf?]

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