22 thoughts on “Web Standards Italian Style

  1. Awesome, thank you for sharing! Already passed on the link to my Italian geek friend. Maybe someone should make a translation into Slovak as well ;-)

  2. Maybe someone should make a translation into Slovak as well ;-)

    Someone may be working on it. New Riders is pretty great about getting books translated. (Well, really, they assign translation rights to other publishers, but it amounts to the same thing: readers around the world get to party with your text in their own language. I like that!)

  3. Whooz whooz whooz… :) Don’t use the automatic translation… ;)

    The correct ones are:

    Michael: “Meraviglioso, Mr. Zeldman. Questa è una cosa veramente buona.”
    Jeffrey: “Grazie, amico mio.” (in this context “tipo” means nothing with sense :) ).

    But, of course, thanks for the italian translation, Mr. Zeldman. I will share with the ones who don’t have it yet. :)

  4. Great. Now all the spam I get from .it websites will direct me to well-formed online pharmacy sites. I guess that’s something.

    Congrats on the translation, Mr. Zeldman.

  5. Tempo di aggiornare la collezione! (It’s time to update the collection!)

    It’s always mind-refreshing reading your books, dear Jeffrey.

  6. I know Fabio Brivio since some times, I had the great honor to have it as my editor for two very small italian books, he’s a very wise man.

    About your book, I had the english first edition, it simply changed my way to do stuff on the web.
    I’m going to buy the 3rd in italian right now.

    Thank you Jeffrey!

    paolo genta

  7. It’s time to update the italian zeldmanian collection!

    And, although this is third edition, it’s always mind-refreshing to read your book, dear Jeffrey.

  8. @Jeffrey we love idea to have you in Italy, and an EVENT APART in Europe (everywhere) could open at Apogeo staff the way to organize something for you and around you in Italy. Think on… you have my email :)

  9. @Gianka e no … :) 4! -> Taking Your Talent to the Web: Making the Transition from Graphic Design to Web Design (ISBN 0-7357-1073-2)

  10. Ho letto la prima edizione, ho comprato la seconda edizione, ti seguo e ti leggo sempre, ora non posso mancare con la terza edizione del tuo GRANDE libro. Sei grande.

    GRAZIE Mr Zeldman.

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