20 thoughts on “Bit o’ nostalgia for the old folks

  1. Seeing this logo made me instantly hear the sounds of a dial-up connection in my head…

  2. There’s also /underconstruction (under construction images) and /underconstruction/mail (“mail me” images). All taken from the backup I did of Geocities. I’d link, but /mail has been known to actually crash browsers.

  3. Ah yes. I remember purchasing Netscape Navigator from my local CompUSA back in the day thinking it was the best thing ever.

  4. Fills one with a warm, fuzzy glow of optimism for the future of the web, doesn’t it?

    (btw, nice Lumpy Gravy reference, Jeffrey.)

  5. Wow… css who? Did someone say no tables and 256 colors? Back when spacer gif placement was an art-form! ;-)

    Thanks for this. Remember the old Netscape forums before communicator when we tought people to write html… no css, no ajax… no design principals… just hot pink and fluro green!!

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