3 Jun 2010 6 am eastern

When Ads by Google Go Wrong

When Ads By Google Go Wrong

When Ads by Google Go Wrong

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7 Responses to “When Ads by Google Go Wrong”

  1. Ilai said on

    In the second episode of second season Mad Men have shown actions of advertising agency after air crash “Flight 1″ (1 march 1962). They have cancelled an own air-company advertising campaign, in order to avoid relations with accident in people subconsciousness.

  2. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Saw that episode and experienced similar things when I worked in advertising. Even though internet advertising is “wining” and traditional advertising is in decline, there are things a human being can think to do that an algorithm cannot.

  3. Daniel Carvalho said on

    Finally got rid of your serif headers. I am pleased.

    Cause we all know that ultimate goal in life is to please me.

  4. Bryan said on

    What I find equally detestable and problematic is when the content management systems that run most newspaper web sites offer a chance to “BUY THIS PHOTO!” when the picture is of a crime scene, or child who has died, or something along those lines. A little human logic would go a long way in those situations as well.

  5. Eric Meyer said on

    My favorite is when I go to a Salon article and I get Google ads for information about owning my own tanning salon.

  6. Renaud said on

    Eric: maybe Google just thinks you’re too pasty.

  7. ABS said on

    I thought this might be about the “Flash” ad until I read the comments. Nothing wrong with wanting an educational tour of a place you are reading about.

    I wrote about the problem of automation long ago on my site. One of the examples was for world records with a link beside each one to apply to “break this record”. They eventually fixed the issue with most people killed in a terrorist attack.

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