23 May 2010 11 am eastern

A Feed Apart 2.0

A Feed Apart

As promised, a super-hot update to A Feed Apart, the official feed aggregator for An Event Apart, is up and running for your web design conference pleasure. You can now tweet from inside the application, and can even arrange meet-ups and make other social connections there.

Must-read: Designer Ali M. Ali talks about the interface design.

Steve Losh did back-end programming.

Nick Sergeant and Pete Karl created the original A Feed Apart and led the redesign effort.

If you can’t attend the sold-out show, which begins Monday, May 24, you can follow the live Tweetage from the comfort of your cubicle.

Enjoy An Event Apart Boston 2010 on A Feed Apart.

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3 Responses to “A Feed Apart 2.0”

  1. Eric Peacock said on

    Nice work guys!

  2. Theo said on

    A great idea and a beautiful design !

  3. Jack said on

    Simple yet easy to follow layout, loading fast, well done!

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