The Big Web Show: Melissa Pierce

Melissa Pierce

Update! Final audio and video are now available for your listening and viewing pleasure at This is a wonderful episode about filmmaking and using the internet to reinvent yourself. Don’t miss it.

Live tomorrow, Thursday May 13, at 1:00 PM Eastern, my co-host Dan Benjamin and I interview Melissa Pierce, producer of the documentary film, Life In Perpetual Beta in The Big Web Show Episode 3: “Re-invent Yourself.”

Melissa Pierce’s film asks the question, “is the planned life worth living?” and sketches an answer via interviews with the likes of Baratunde Thuston, Irina Slutsky, and Biz Stone. Watch us turn the tables on the interviewer (now our interviewee) to find out how a homemaker with no filmmaking experience became the darling of the Chicago Independent Film Festival. As always, your live phone-in questions are welcome.

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11 thoughts on “The Big Web Show: Melissa Pierce

  1. Oh! This is brilliant. Very excited for Episodes 4 and 5! I went ahead and subscribed to the podcast. Thanks :)

    Also, I went ahead and registered for AEA Minneapolis. Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

  2. How on earth can you keep doing this?! The best things in life truly are free (as in…). Thank you! I don’t think I’ll be able to stream this live from work, but I look forward to listening later.

  3. @Henry – Thanks for asking! They will be there soon. The specific reason is that it requires creating a special RSS feed, and that requires code, which requires time, which I’m spending on recording editing the shows! But it will be there very soon, and I’m glad you’re interested in watching.

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