Episode 2: HTML5 For Designers

Zeldman, Dan Benjamin, and Jeremy Keith discuss HTML5 on The Big Web Show.

Now online for your listening and viewing pleasure: in Episode 2 of The Big Web Show, Dan and I chat with Jeremy Keith—designer, developer, content creator, agency co-founder, speaker extraordinaire, and author of HTML5 for Web Designers (A Book Apart, 2010). In this hour-long video podcast, we explore the goals, process, and inspiration behind the book, and discuss what HTML5 means for web creators and consumers—from semantics to strategy, accessibility to implementation.

3 thoughts on “Episode 2: HTML5 For Designers

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Dan Benjamin on drums! Jeffrey Zeldman on vocals! And a big shout-out to big Jeremy Keith on banjo!

  2. @ Eric Jeremy Keith plays the bouzouki, you unsensitive clod! ;)

    I just ordered “HTML for web designers”. Keith’s “DOM Scripting” and “Bulletproof Ajax” were simply fantastic so ordering his new book was a no brainer!

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