30 Apr 2010 6 am eastern

Big Web Show No. 1 up!

Jeffrey Zeldman

FOR YOUR viewing and listening pleasure, The Big Web Show’s Episode 1: Web Fonts is now online.

Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin grill Ethan Dunham of Fontspring and Font Squirrel and Jeffrey Veen of Typekit (and other sites, too numerous to name) about one of your favorite subjects, “real fonts on your website” in this, our inaugural episode.


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6 Responses to “Big Web Show No. 1 up!”

  1. aarontgrogg said on

    Surprised to see The Big Web Show using Flash for …

  2. aarontgrogg said on

    (That’s supposed to end with <video>…)

  3. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Flash video player is an excellent choice for where we are, technologically.

    There’s a “Download Video” link as well, so iPhone and iPad users (and anyone else whose device doesn’t support Flash) can view the video file directly.

    The “download video” link is also useful for those who wish to save the video file.

  4. Kevin Dees said on

    Great show Z, looking forward to more goodness. Web Fonts are now, and this podcast makes it a fact.

    Best to you and Dan in the future.

  5. Richard Burte said on

    The IE Team announced their contribution to the WOFF format on their blog on Apr 23. Let’s hope it makes it into IE 9 preview builds soon, and that the proposal gets through the W3C quickly.

  6. dberlow said on

    What A Great Big Show! In my current state it took 3 days for me to make it to the very end, but it was well worth the many pauses. Thanks to all the class for not only hosting and sharing, but leading.

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