26 Apr 2010 11 am eastern

State of Web Development 2010

The report from Web Directions’ second “State of Web Development” survey covers “technologies, techniques, philosophies and practices” employed by today’s web professionals. Download the complete (anonymized) set of responses in CSV format, gaze fondly at a PDF infographic overview, or read a detailed analysis online.

The State of Web Development 2010

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6 Responses to “State of Web Development 2010”

  1. London said on

    great – thanks for the info – didnt know it was released.

  2. Richard said on

    Thanks for this info, didn´t even know that a statistic like this exists :D

    btw: Hell Yeah :D jQuery on the first place ;)

  3. Thiago Cavalcanti said on

    Why am I not surprised by the results? =P

  4. Webstandard-Blog said on

    78% jQuery, respect! But 51% Mac OS X? Ican’t believe it!

  5. sowedane said on

    Nice..Thanks for providing the Good Information…

  6. Visitor said on

    > ” But 51% Mac OS X? Ican’t believe it!”

    Believe it. If you go to a tech conference or web development conference you’d see a ton of Mac OS X laptops. I wouldn’t dream of developing on any other platform the MacOSX.

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