12 thoughts on “Only in dreams

  1. I had a dream last night that I had to snow board down some seriously steep snow mountain (on a giant paper clip, not sure why) to be a hero and rescue some people. I remember being scared but really having a rush doing it.

    Then I woke up in my pants :P

  2. Crap, I’m not living right. I dreamed about not getting down crabgrass halts in time this year due to a large green pizza delivery lizard stealing my Scott’s spreader this weekend to lay down Parmesan cheese.

  3. but will it pass? Dreams seem to linger and grow like those that have them.

    When I wake up I have a very short period of time to remember anything. Why is that?

  4. I dreamt once that I was a spy. Eric Meyer was my contact. He turned on me and I was attacked by a dozen operatives in some random Middle America office park. I got away, tracked him down and asked why he had betrayed me. He turned silent, all Jack Bauer like and I woke up.

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