18 Mar 2010 6 am eastern

Hate and Love

Hate and love.

Left, Mike Monteiro. Right, yours sincerely. Captured at SXSW by Scott Beale.

(My SXSW photos. Scott’s SXSW photos.)

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12 Responses to “Hate and Love”

  1. Carl - Web Courses Bangkok said on

    Interesting and shame I missed the event. Dam you Bangkok for being so far!

    Mr Z, you`re looking decidedly fury :)

  2. Greg said on

    > Mr Z, you`re looking decidedly fury :)

    He’s going to audition for the movie “Wolverine 2″ later this spring.

  3. Nagarjun said on

    Hate (especially for the sake of it) is rather unpleasant.

  4. Justin said on

    It reads more like war and peace to me.

  5. Andre Martin said on

    Cool Pose. Hate and Love indeed!

  6. Frak said on

    Today has been brought to you by the number “3”.

  7. John Lascurettes said on

    You’re both counting to 4 in roman numerals.

  8. RayMcK said on

    My new desktop image.

  9. Buy Spanish Content said on

    I think maybe you should have swapped who did which symbol…left hand man looks more like peace to me..

  10. Joe Clark said on


    And pain.

  11. Don Ulrich said on

    The Yin and yang of web design. After all, I live in the Midwest. “What shade of tan do you want?”

  12. Bruce H said on

    Alternatively, “Fuck peace.”

    I’m not sure which version is better.

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