26 Feb 2010 11 am eastern


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9 Responses to “Keming”

  1. alejo said on

    translate: this shirt is sooo moronic. a non funny joke only designers understand and care about.

  2. Denis Defreyne said on

    I do not approve of the straight apostrophe. Where’s my curly apostrophe?

  3. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Denis: Is that your idea for a tee shirt?

  4. Carl said on

    Thats the first time I’ve thought to measure kerning with AA – DD.

  5. Thorn Ziegler said on

    @Alejo: Come, now! Even Grampy got the joke…. He was in the newspaper business for decades. It is funny, now you’re funny too!

  6. Jake said on

    Hahaha this is so funny!

  7. Eric Meyer said on

    And then there’s the flip side.

  8. Jerome said on

    Denis: are you referring to the accent mark in “kem’ ing”? That’s not an apostrophie, but a different kind of mark altogether. I think the interent and texting are killing those curly apostrophes anyways. I bet in a few years they’ll probably look completely old fashioned even in print.

    Carl: funny!

  9. Linda said on

    Love it! Correct kerning is especially important if your name is CLINT!

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