Danzico on Berkun

Whether it’s in front of a huge audience or a handful of executives, smooth public speaking is essential to a successful web design career. Yet most of us are more afraid of speaking in public than we are of death. In a lively give-and-take, Liz Danzico interviews Scott Berkun, author of Confessions of a Public Speaker, for tips on how to prepare for public speaking, how to perfect your timing, and what to do when bad things happen.

Interview with Scott Berkun by LIZ DANZICO & SCOTT BERKUN, in A List Apart Issue No. 301

Illustration: Kevin Cornell for A List Apart

One thought on “Danzico on Berkun

  1. Good post, if there is one thing I regret from my school days it isn’t not asking out all the cheerleaders, no, its not taking public speaking, I was such a wuss!! The key is to not be afraid to be stupid, for instance, calling the iPad “magical”. Which brings up another key, believe your own words.

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