Hear This!

Dan Benjamin, creator of wonderful websites, apps, broadcasts, and platforms and longtime friend of A List Apart and your host, introduces a new venture.

5 by 5 Studios is a new internet broadcasting network, home to shows like EE Podcast, Tack Sharp, The Dev Show, The Ruby Show, and Utility Belt, releasing new episodes every week.

As part of the launch, 5 by 5 announces two new shows hosted by Dan:

NOTE: I’m pleased as punch to be the first Pipeline guest. Come hear us on Friday, January 29th, 2010.

2 thoughts on “Hear This!

  1. Dan puts out such quality work and I’ve been a listener of Rails Envy (now The Ruby Show) and the Expression Engine podcast. Looking forward to the new things he has up his sleeve, and I’m excited to hear about what the two of you will be discussing.


  2. …so, more of the “regulars” interviewing other “regulars” for marketing purposes, with some of the “regular listeners” listening…

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