5 thoughts on “The Favorites Project

  1. I’ve been getting one of these per day for the last year through my flickr subscription. This post did not satisfy my curiosity. Now I have two choices: continue being curious or go to Google.

    I’m back. No dice.

  2. Will you pull these in as an entry everytime

    No! I’ve made hundreds of these, I think. I’ve linked to them from here perzackly twice.

    Although integrating them into the layout of this site was something I contemplated before redesigning.

    But I decided to go with a writing-focused, old-blog-style approach instead.

    I’ve seen some great ee flickr integrations. Anxious to learn more also.

    I would be too.

  3. Wow, I remember using some as icons for archive CDs on my Mac back in ’99. You must have more than “hundreds.” ;-)

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