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Reviewers Needed

Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition needs your help!

Designing With Web Standards

Greetings book lovers and standardistas everywhere. Designing With Web Standards, 3rd Edition needs your help! is the primary source of Designing With Web Standards, 3rd Edition. It’s a great website, as we all know. But the reviews on Amazon’s website are hopelessly out of date. They date mostly from the first edition, and the new, third edition is quite a bit different.

Hence this two-part request.

If you’ve read Designing With Web Standards, 3rd Edition, please consider doing the following:

  1. Write a review of the new edition and post it on the Amazon DWWS page.
  2. Read reviews of the new edition on the Amazon DWWS page. If you agree with a review, kindly boost its visibility by clicking the “YES” button in response to the link that asks, “Was this review helpful to you?”

Taking these actions will help the new book break free from the clutter of outdated reviews, and let your colleagues know what you think about modern web design. Thanks!

By Jeffrey Zeldman

“King of Web Standards”—Bloomberg Businessweek.

Hi! I’m a principal designer at Automattic, Inc. Also: Publisher and founder, A List Apart “for people who make websites.” Publisher and co-founder, A Book Apart—brief books for people who design, write, and code. Co-founder and co-host, An Event Apart UX & front-end conference. Faculty, MFA Interaction Design, School of Visual Arts, NYC. Host, The Big Web Show. Have written two books, notably ”Designing With Web Standards,“ currently in its 3rd Edition, and, on last count, translated into 15 languages and used as a text in 85 universities.