Kickstart Sundman’s Creation

John Sundman is looking for your financial support so he can finish writing and publish his new novel, Creation Science, “a technothriller about scary science—like designer DNA, brain hacking & mind control, computer viruses and biological viruses.”

Sundman is the author of three previous novels: Acts of the Apostles, Cheap Complex Devices, and The Pains.

Apostles is a personal favorite of mine: a thriller only a geek could write (Sundman has decades of experience in computer programming), with real characters, frenetic action and suspense, salty dialog, and serious ideas behind the hot cyber action. If Dan Brown read Sundman, he would understand that thrillers about ideas don’t have to be claustrophobic, one-dimensional, and absurd. If he took Sundman to heart, he would write better books, although they would sell fewer copies.

Which brings it back to you. Sundman is a brilliant author who, for political, intellectual, or other reasons shuns mainstream publishing and success. If we are to keep enjoying his works, we need to help him realize them. I was proud to contribute to Designing Obama and equally delighted to do likewise by Creation Science. If you enjoy good writing and modern independent fiction, I urge you to support this book.

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6 thoughts on “Kickstart Sundman’s Creation

  1. Your recommendation was enough for me to consult the New York Public Library catalog to see if I could check out one of his books. Nope. Good thing, they have OVER 200 DISCS containing episodes of television’s MacGyver.

  2. Jeffrey,

    Thank you for your generous words.

    A slight clarification: I tried hard to sell Acts of the Apostles to a conventional publisher and only turned to self-publishing as a last resort. Since then I’ve had enough success being my own publisher that it would take a pretty nice offer from a “real” publisher to get me to switch. But I would certainly love to get a Dan Brown sized advance! I recently wrote a retrospective on ten years of self-publishing geek novels: , which contains more information on my publishing history and philosophy than any sane person would want to read.

    My first three books are available for free download under Creative Commons license:

    All backers welcome and eagerly sought for Creation Science. I’m hoping to greatly increase my number of supporters, not just raise more $$, so all backers welcome; minimum pledge is $1.

  3. Классная статья, кстати автору хочу предложить установить от яндекс.денег фишку на сайт “Дай рубль”. Я бы дал, так сказать на поддержание.

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