37 thoughts on “Crazy man at Starbucks

  1. hilarious :)
    agree with Ben…this totally made my morning as well…
    enjoy your cup of malted battery acid :) (sorry, but that’s what
    Starbucks tastes like to me lol)


  2. Jeffrey Zeldman introducing the CSS Dance. Watch it LIVE on the next An Event Apart. LOL :)

    Thanks buddy, I needed to laugh today!

  3. wow, you look a lot like lewis black! and he used to rant about starbucks alot. maybe he should have danced instead? :-)

  4. @ Lace: I feel pretty comfortable with my assumption that it wouldn’t be legal in some states (the man’s dancing that is) ;-)

  5. Shake it, Daddy-o! We adore you over here in Washington. In fact, that settles it: I’m going to An Event Apart in Seattle. I was waffling, but you definitely settled it for me!

  6. Starbucks is visible cultural icon which a whole set of coded meanings, an apron is a useful prop for a variety of endeavors, I’ve seen them show up a couple of times in small theater productions for example.

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