4 Nov 2009 8 am eastern

Crazy man at Starbucks

Shot by Mr Greg Storey.

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37 Responses to “Crazy man at Starbucks”

  1. Ben said on

    That definitely made my Wednesday morning… :)

  2. Kevin said on

    Is this pre- or post-coffee? I’m scared either way… ;-)

  3. Tyson said on

    hilarious :)
    agree with Ben…this totally made my morning as well…
    enjoy your cup of malted battery acid :) (sorry, but that’s what
    Starbucks tastes like to me lol)


  4. John said on

    I have no idea what prompted this but it made my morning. Thank you. haha.

  5. margaret said on

    life is always better when you can break out in dance. Thanks for the smile.

  6. Nate said on

    This morning has completely sucked, until I got here. Thanks, I needed that.

  7. Naomi Niles said on

    Just got back from vacation. Not feeling like working. This totally made my morning. Thank you!

  8. Chris said on

    Jeffrey Zeldman introducing the CSS Dance. Watch it LIVE on the next An Event Apart. LOL :)

    Thanks buddy, I needed to laugh today!

  9. Lace said on

    Ha! Beautiful!
    … Um, is that legal?

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  11. Jason Neel said on

    If only I had moves like that…

  12. Steffen said on

    Thank you. This made my day.

  13. jameos said on

    You might just be the whitest man east of the Mason-Dixon line!

  14. RayMcK said on

    I want to see Mr. Storey do the same dance.

  15. brad said on

    Crazy indeed.

  16. Justin King said on


  17. Przenoszenie Numerow said on

    Unfortunately my headphones are broken, so I did not hear what he was singing, but without voice it seems funny.

  18. Richard Thiel said on

    Hell, thats so great ;)

    That made my whole week :D

  19. ron said on

    wow, you look a lot like lewis black! and he used to rant about starbucks alot. maybe he should have danced instead? :-)

  20. DazzieP said on

    Sh!t that’s my dad.. how embarrassing

  21. Joel Kidd said on

    LOL…..hilarious! I’m cracking up at the lady that walks up behind him and can’t figure out where to go…too funny…..

  22. Kevin Dees said on

    I want what he is having! I need some energy today…

  23. Trace Meek said on

    Hee hee hee. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Sean said on

    @ Lace: I feel pretty comfortable with my assumption that it wouldn’t be legal in some states (the man’s dancing that is) ;-)

  25. Adriana said on

    You got the groove!

  26. Linda Taylor said on

    Shake it, Daddy-o! We adore you over here in Washington. In fact, that settles it: I’m going to An Event Apart in Seattle. I was waffling, but you definitely settled it for me!

  27. Ahmed Bassel said on

    hilarious :)
    You are awesome , that made my day ;)

  28. Susan said on

    I would love to see more people dancing it up in public places. It just takes one to start!

  29. Damon Cool said on

    Preview of the Dancing with the Web Masters series.

    You sir are a master!

  30. doladowania za darmo said on

    I would like to see more crazy men.

  31. Jan said on

    As long as you’re wearing clothes, it’s not that crazy…

  32. Cables said on

    Starbucks is visible cultural icon which a whole set of coded meanings, an apron is a useful prop for a variety of endeavors, I’ve seen them show up a couple of times in small theater productions for example.

  33. xmas gifts said on

    Great man.Can this PLEASE be a daily event? Doesn’t have to be in Starbucks but PLEASE let Crazy Man do his thing each and every day.

  34. Matt said on

    I’ll have what he’s having. It must contain a SERIOUS amount of caffeine.

  35. Steven Clark said on

    Ha ha watching this again all I can say is “You madman, Jeffrey”…

    although I’d avoid advancing into break dancing for episode 2 lol… :)

  36. kunter ilalan said on

    Curious about the next episode as much as I’m curious about the unfortunate bet you must have bloodily lost the night before :-)


  37. waffle → Today in I Never Could Get The Hang of Sundays said on

    [...] Jeffrey Zeldman knows how to fucking destroy a residual image ten years in the making of a wise man …. [...]

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