31 Oct 2009 1 pm eastern

House Party

REAL FONTS on the web: House Industries supports WOFF format.

…a font format for the Web that satisfies the needs and concerns of browser makers, web designers, and type foundries. … WOFF offers compression to speed page load times, freedom from thorny legacy issues, and inclusiveness (font outlines can be Postscript or TrueType).

WOFF has the support of a wide spectrum of the type community; from peers such as Emigre, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Commercial Type, etc., and larger foundries such as Linotype and Monotype. Today it has also gained the support of Mozilla in the their release of Firefox 3.6 (Mozilla has a full list of designers and foundries that support WOFF on that page). We hope and expect that WOFF will quickly gain support in other major browsers as we support, endorse and expect to license our library for use on the Web in the WOFF format in the future.

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  2. Richard Fink said on

    House seems to be following the trend set by some other major font vendors (Ascender, Monotype) that express “support” for WOFF and some variation of EOT, but treat web designers as second-class citizens, steering them to the back door to “work out” the licensing.

    If you want to license one of our typefaces for the web, we ask that you contact us to work out the licensing and technical issues involved. We also hope that you’ll help to encourage other browser makers to support WOFF so that we can exit this period of murkiness as quickly as possible.

    OK, House. I’ll wait the twelve years until WOFF is supported accross the board, and then I’ll buy from you.
    At Ascender – you “Apply” for a web license and they’ll email you the EOT or a download link or something.
    At Monotype, you’re steered to a form to fill out.
    I greatly encourage web designers thinking of buying fonts to use with @font-face to go through the buying process, read the EULA, and see how welcome you feel.
    And then, hopefully, you’ll let them know about it.
    “Support” is cheap. Right now, it’s pure lip service.

  3. Erik van Blokland said on

    Jeez Rich, chill.

  4. Richard Fink said on

    Hey, I’m relaxed. It’s my words that are agitating. It’s pretty obvious how conflicted font vendors are about this. They want it but they don’t want it. And it’s leading smart people to make really dumb decisions.
    This morning from Garrick Van Buren of the font service site Kernest:

    I suspect we’re 15 minutes from a 100% web font friendly ‘foundry’ from completely cornering the market.

    Hyperbole for sure. But is he far from wrong?
    The idea that, hey, maybe you can stigmatize people into buying web licenses is pretty wild. And funny. But today, that’s the impression you get.
    To help out, I’ve written font vendors a kind of a blueprint.
    BTW – You know I’ve reported very favorably about WOFF. But if the retail font vendors were moving any slower, they’d be going backwards. It would be better for them to remain as silent as possible until they make up their minds. Or their lawyers make up their minds.
    We “support” and we will “license” for WOFF seem to be two very different things.
    ciao, rich

  5. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Good dessert talk.

  6. Erik van Blokland said on

    Rich, given the progress we made over the summer, your words remind me of a child throwing a tantrum in the supermarket. And about as constructive.

    The foundries I have contact with are all working on getting webfonts ready. I guess perhaps you don’t know what running a foundry actually involves?

    Cheers mate.

  7. Vitamin C said on

    Well for those of you who are posting and don’t have a picture set up for their account, that is why, you are supposed to have a profile pic. They have responded to every e-mail that I have sent them. It took them a couple of days, but they did respond to it and let me know what my tracking number was because I never got it. Funny thing was, the number came through at about the time that the package was delivered. However, someone did receive an e-mail saying that they have all been mailed out and that some of the people that didn’t follow the directions were taken out of the Host status and will not be getting a pack and will be getting an e-mail explaining why!

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