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Our classic orange avatar has turned blue to celebrate the release of Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition by Jeffrey Zeldman with Ethan Marcotte. This substantial revision to the foundational web standards text will be in bookstores across the U.S. on October 19, 2009, with international stores to follow. Save 37% off the list price when you buy it from

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26 thoughts on “Am I Blue

  1. As I read and thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd ed. from my university library over the past three years, the 3rd ed. will be a welcome addition to my graduate bookcase.

    I must say on behalf f students everywhere, a big thank-you for such essential reading! I’m yet to come across even a most experienced web designer/developer that hasn’t learned from it!

  2. Can I get a little bit emotional? Your work changed my life. I remember finishing the book for the first time and deciding at that very moment what I’m going to do for a living.

    Thank you!

  3. I was already designing with Web Standards in mind, when I first read your book (the 1st edition). But nevertheless, I must say that this book was very important to me! :-)

    // A bit off-topic: Could you please send me an old-fashioned e-mail, so that I can reply to you and send you my postal address & info? I still dream about my signed copy of your 3rd edition “Designing with Web Standards”! Thanks! :)))

  4. I pre-ordered my copy a few week ago. I look forward to reading it! Thanks for another edition to a wonderful book. :)

  5. How could I not buy a book by you and Ethan! When it’s ready to ship at Amazon, I’ll be ordering (through your website, of course). Your blog was the first one I ever read daily, way back when. Ethan was the subject of my first published interview.

    Congratulations to both of you. Writing a book that is a definitive work in a field is a long, hard road and you both somehow did it while managing so many other professional accomplishments and living the roller coaster that is daily life. Warm congratulations to you both.

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  7. Can’t wait to get my hands on it, your last version was excellent! Looking forward to your thoughts on HTML5 and CSS3.


  8. Amazon sends word that my pre-order is shipping “sooner than expected” (!) How often does that happen?

    Nice going.

  9. Hi Doc!! in italy when we can buy this third edition in italian?web standards ftw :D

    @Tommy: Thanks for your interest! It usually takes a year or more for translations to come out. My guess is that publishers wait to see how a book does in the market before deciding to translate it. I think this same business logic applies to 2nd and 3rd editions.

    As I learn of translations in the works, I will post info here and on Twitter. Thanks for supporting web standards.

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