17 Aug 2009 4 pm eastern

Click My Lit Panel

In “New Publishing and Web Content,” a proposed panel for SXSW Interactive, I will lead book and new media publisher and entrepreneur Lisa Holton, designer, writer, and W.W. Norton creative director Mandy Brown, novelist, web geek, and Harper’s editor Paul Ford, and writer, editor, and content strategist Erin Kissane in an honest and freewheeling exploration of the creative, strategic, and marketing challenges of traditional and online publishing—and how content strategy and design can help.

Topics covered will include:

  1. What is content strategy?
  2. For magazines that are born digital, what opportunities and challenges does the internet offer editors and publishers?
  3. For traditional magazines, what opportunities and challenges does the internet offer editors and publishers?
  4. How can traditional book publishers harness the energy and talent of the online community?
  5. What new forms are made possible by the intersection of traditional publishing and social networking?
  6. How can design facilitate reading?
  7. How can design encourage readers to become writers and publishers?
  8. What is the future of magazines and newspapers?
  9. What is the future of books?
  10. How can editors and publishers survive and thrive in this new climate?

If this sounds like a panel you’d enjoy seeing, vote for New Publishing and Web Content via the SXSW Interactive Panel picker.

ShortURL: zeldman.com/x/55

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6 Responses to “Click My Lit Panel”

  1. Shane said on

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Brandstrup said on

    Great suggestion. I would love to take part in that.

  3. Jerry Maddox said on

    I would be interested to learn if this site:

    – which I have put together as a possible model for presenting long texts in html is at all appealing to this audience. (See the Note for more detail about my intent.)

    It seems to fit into the questions being raised by Jeffery for this panel and I wonder what the responses are – both positive and negative.

  4. Panel/Unicode table for you (Ftrain.com) said on

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  5. unicode heaven - sippey.com said on

    [...] exchange for the gift Paul gave the web with this page, you should go vote up his panel (well, Zeldman's panel, actually) at SxSW. The gift economy at [...]

  6. Jason Gohlke said on

    [Wow, that's quite a title... I am now completely unable to focus on the content of the post at all.]

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