Happy Cog and Airbag merge

Now the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. Happy Cog™ and Airbag Industries announce the merger of our firms, effective today, August 3, 2009. The resulting super-agency will be called Happy Cog, and will maintain studios in three cities:

  1. Happy Cog East, in Philadelphia, directed by President Greg Hoy;
  2. Happy Cog West, in San Francisco (the newest branch), directed by President Greg Storey; and
  3. Happy Cog Studios, the original, in New York City, directed by little old me.

The connection between our agencies goes back years. Greg Storey tells that tale.

From an internal perspective, this merger of people and resources, freely shared across all three agencies, means we can now bring boutique-style craftsmanship to any size job. If you’re a client, you no longer have to choose between “big enough” and “good enough” when selecting a vendor. You can hire a big agency that designs and cares like a small one.

With the mix of people now at our disposal, you can expect exciting product development as well.

Staffed up and pumped up, Happy Cog East and Happy Cog West will specialize in client services, web design, and development. Happy Cog Studios in New York, while also designing selected websites, will focus on business strategy and content development via A List Apart Magazine, An Event Apart design conference, and other ventures.

None of us knows exactly where all this is going. But we like who we’re going with—and we trust them with our lives. More than that, we trust them with our reputation.


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58 thoughts on “Happy Cog and Airbag merge

  1. Unsurprising yet still exciting news. +1 vote to “Happy Bag” but I bet there would be branding issues.

  2. So… will Zeldman be changing his name to Greg as well? =)

    Good luck on the new business strategy! It sounds like the start of a good nation wide web group.

  3. I’m impressed, yet not surprised in the least — and after reading Greg’s brief review of recent history, it seems to have been inevitable.

    Congratulations to all, I’m happy to know you guys and can’t wait to see what gets dreamed up by this dream team.

  4. Congrats, the flavors of east and west together. We can talk all day of HTML5, CSS3, and such but the web is really about communication.
    Thanks for helping to take the web to the next step. Looking forward to product. Amanda is delightful.

  5. Sounds like interesting times Jeffrey, good luck with it. I have to admit, thick as I am, I never saw that one coming. But great stuff…

    Also, just as an aside, one thing I notice in the web design business, particularly from a small business perspective, in the A List Apart articles – business related content. The no 1 reason I failed to succeed was I failed to plan, I failed to understand financial subtleties essential to small business and I failed to realise the importance of how to do business effectively (as opposed to just taking on business). It would be nice to see something on ALA at some point in the future about succeeding (or essential knowledge) for freelancers.

    Cheers and best wishes with the new Happy Cog Triad.

  6. Surprising news. Will be interesting to see how such a big firm can still remain boutique in it’s approach. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing the fruits of this union.

  7. Congrats to Happy Cog!

    Steven Clark, it would be interesting to see a post-mortem article — a cautionary tale about the main reasons you (as you said) “failed.” That in itself could be instructive.

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