11 Apr 2009 9 am eastern

Ready For My Closeup

Ready For My Closeup

DanielByrne [warning! Flash site with JavaScript auto-expand full-screen window] came to Happy Cog‘s New York office to shoot me for an upcoming feature story in .Net Magazine, “the UK’s leading magazine for web designers and developers.”

What can I say? I’m a sucker for the gentle touch of a make-up pad. Or of anything, really. I love this photo (shot by Byrne with my iPhone) because it captures the fact that I’m still really a four-year-old. It also shows what a genuine photographer can do with even the humblest of tools.

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6 Responses to “Ready For My Closeup”

  1. Lace said on

    I knew we’d finally see Jeffrey in makeup…

  2. RayMcK said on

    I think you missed you “other” calling. Thespian.

  3. Delfin said on

    “There’s nothing tragic about being fifty. Not unless you’re trying to be twenty-five.”

    There is greatness in that sense of humour you print in everyday’s life things. Brilliant.


  4. Shane said on

    I’m a .net subscriber – I look forward to reading the feature. Do you know which issue it will be in?

  5. Ready for my closeup on Flickr - Photo Sharing! said on

    [...] ‘http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3338/3427025900_418bcda713_t.jpg’, ‘3.1444’); More about this photo. DanielByrne (twitter.com/dbphotonyc) came to our New York office to shoot me for a profile in [...]

  6. handbags said on

    Regardless, it’s all irrelevant until a) those hacks at MS get up to speed b) Google cranks the marketing up enough for Chrome to get some sort of traction of it’s own, market share wise.

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