Browser compatibility updates

DOM whiz and loyal-opposition/web standards advocate Peter-Paul Koch has been working overtime preparing detailed findings on CSS and DOM compatibility in modern browsers, including:

A Compatibility Master Table provides a snapshot of the status and results of all testing; Mobile Compatibility Tests are also in development.

It’s a great resource from an expert who really cares, and who has the time and expertise to find things out for the rest of us. Thanks, PPK!

4 thoughts on “Browser compatibility updates

  1. Lots of work has been done to compose that list, hat down.

    Looks like the day when we’ll be able to universally use advanced css selectors is finally approaching. If only IE6 would die already.

  2. WOW! That is insanely useful data! Things certainly are looking a whole lot more optimistic than they were just a few years ago, that’s for sure.

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