24 Mar 2009 9 am eastern

Little Z on BigThink

BigThink is a global online forum, conducting interviews with such folk as Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics, Princeton, and Columnist, The New York Times; Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder, Wikipedia; Richard Armitage, Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State; Wes Boyd, Co-Founder, MoveOn.org; Gerry Adams President, Sinn Fein; Moby, Kurt Andersen, and so on.

By some tragic error of judgement, they will interview me today.

When the resulting video appears on the site, you’ll be the second to know.

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4 Responses to “Little Z on BigThink”

  1. Dan said on

    Heh, I will be looking forward to this. Good luck on the interview.

  2. Kevin Crawford said on

    Oh humble you, haha. Look forward to it.

  3. AlexM said on

    Dude quick! Take advantage before they realize their mistake!! :p Nah, you deserve this, you’ve definitely worked hard enough and helped enough people to be noticed and respected for it.

  4. Richard said on

    Looking forward to this.

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