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Web designers and developers power the global economy, but almost nothing is known about who we are, where we live, how we work, what tools we use.

The A List Apart survey (2007 survey, 2007 detailed findings, 2008 survey) of over 32,000 full-time, part-time, and freelance web designers, developers, and related user experience professionals began answering questions about who works in this field, where we are located, which kinds of businesses and organizations employ us, under which titles we work, what we earn, how satisfied and secure we are, and so on.

Complementing this information, in 2008 Web Directions North conducted a State of the Web 2008 survey of designers, developers, and other web professionals to find out more about our philosophies, technologies, and best practices. The findings include details and analysis of all responses to over 50 questions. You can read all the questions, download the complete (anonymized) set of responses, read detailed analysis, and more.

What percentage of your peers who took the survey use JavaScript for Ajax communication with the server? What percentage don’t use JavaScript at all? How many still test their sites in IE 5.0? The answers to dozens of questions like these await you.

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5 thoughts on “State of the web

  1. I’ve read the in-depth survey, and I think there’s some bias in the outcomes of the survey because of the target audience that was being interviewed. Only 1,7% of persons taken into account is ‘a hobbyist’. However, the problem with the quality of the web nowadays imho is that the majority of websites was actually designed by those hobbyists, not taken into account by this survey! A lot of sme’s simply ask “their cousin who knows computer stuff” to design their website.
    And that’s where things go wrong…

    Hopefully, by working together, the true highly qualitative web is yet to emerge.

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