Art direction plug-in for WordPress

If you’ve been longing to follow Jason Santa Maria’s lead and bring real art direction to the no-budget, publish-now medium of the personal website, Noel Jackson‘s Art Direction Plug-in is for you. The plug-in lets you style individual entries in your WordPress blog without hacking the publishing tool or expending energy on time-consuming workarounds.

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8 thoughts on “Art direction plug-in for WordPress

  1. Time to de-modify my wordpress install.

    I’m really happy this came out, though. Implementing this by hacking at word-press itself was a huge pain.

  2. Considering I have a vast background in design but ZERO coding experience AND I’m putting together a wordpress personal site, this couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you for posting.

  3. Damn. I have spent the past month refining an Expression Engine local install for my blog with custom styles for front page and single article page.

    Now, I need to look at my WordPress local install more seriously.


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