27 Jan 2009 5 pm eastern

Happy Cog is hiring: designer wanted

Happy Cog Philadelphia is looking for a full time designer to join our team in Center City, Philadelphia.

We are a web design agency—not a marketing communications firm or a design firm that dabbles in the web. But if you’re the right person for this job, we don’t have to tell you about us.

We seek an exceptionally gifted designer with effective communication and listening skills, as comfortable with clients as with coworkers. You’re the best in your class or at your company, but it doesn’t go to your head. You’re a team player and you recognize that ours is a service business. Be passionate about aesthetics and serious about strategy. You needn’t be front-end code whiz, as long as you understand how design and code interact, and embrace the principles of web standards and accessibility.

The job starts in early April. If you think it’s for you, send your resume, site URL, and persuasive cover letter to [email protected].

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14 Responses to “Happy Cog is hiring: designer wanted”

  1. Judson Collier said on


    Fire your designer in 5 years. Then call me. :).

  2. Brade said on

    Count me curious about who will eventually get this position. Will (s)he be a known commodity, or is (s)he lurking in the shadows? Game on….

  3. Philip Renich said on

    It should also be noted who the candidate is replacing. Maybe under requirements: “Must be able to fill JSM’s shoes”
    Prime job opportunity!

  4. Matt Robin said on

    With the former designer being the talented Jason Santa Maria, this position – a dream opportunity – might also be very intimidating for some individuals. Should be exciting to see who applies and ultimately gets the post! :)

    Best of luck everyone involved.

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  6. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    @Philip: Not replacing JSM, actually—replacing another awesome Happy Cog designer.

  7. Josh Stodola said on

    A truly good designer could never be replaced. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be truly good.

    Best regards for Happy Cog and the lucky new designer!

  8. RayMcK said on

    effective communication and listening skills
    comfortable with clients
    understand how design and code interact

    I wish we lived closer. I’d like this ; )

  9. antoine e butler sr said on

    I actually talked with the wife about becoming a hyper commuter. 1.5 hours each way… it’s doable lol

  10. Greg Hoy said on

    @ Philip and Matt: That’s a common assumption. As Jeffrey mentioned, this is not to replace Jason. In addition to replacing this person, we may likely be hiring more in the next month or two, for Philly positions.

  11. Eric Brooks said on

    hmmmm… did I mention I’m living in Lancaster now. A mere hour or so from Philly?

    Naaaah I wouldn’t do that to Happy Cog. I’m quite happy at my Wal-Mart night job anyway. :D

  12. Dandelion said on

    Dear Sir
    Sorry to post off-topic, but this is just to let you know that your very excellent post “Family Ties” has been voted Post of the Week.
    Congratulations to a worthy winner.
    Best regards.

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