Time Warner Cable canceling Noggin?

I have a full day’s work to do, but I’m home watching my four-year-old. Thus, this morning, Noggin was on.

“Daddy, what’s that black?” my daughter asked, pointing to the TV.

A black crawl eating 20% of the screen announced that Time Warner Cable, New York City’s virtual monopoly cable provider, will stop broadcasting Noggin at midnight tonight.

Comedy Central (home of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show), MTV, and other Viacom-owned channels will also be lost, the crawl said. But as the parent of a child under five, you’re asleep before The Daily Show comes on, and you haven’t cared about MTV since Run DMC walked this way with Aerosmith.

Time Warner Cable can do what it likes where your personal entertainment needs are concerned. But if they stop broadcasting Noggin, your four-year-old won’t shrug it off. It will be like when great grandma died.

Your mission is clear. You have to save Noggin.

The crawl and the websites of the soon-to-be-cancelled channels list a toll-free 800 number where customers can demand that Time Warner Cable keep Noggin on.

When you call the number, Time Warner announces that it cannot take your call due to “technical difficulties” and hangs up on you.

In its way, it’s kind of brilliant. By not answering their customer feedback number, Time Warner can claim not to have heard from their customers.

Although I subscribe to their overpriced service, I’m no fan. Since I described my frustrations with their fast, high-speed access, Time Warner Cable’s RoadRunner Turbo has continued to pile on the incompetence. This month they sent me a new modem and told me I needed to manually replace my old one. Beside the fact that nothing’s wrong with my old one, the new one isn’t compatible with my set-up, which is wireless.

Time Warner set up the wireless network using their wireless modem, and charges a monthly surcharge for the wireless activity they provide. But they sent me a non-wireless modem as a replacement. A two-man shop in Kazakhstan’s smallest town would not send a non-wireless modem to replace a wireless one. But Time Warner Cable does, because they are a monopoly and under no pressure to offer competent service.

And yet, although Time Warner Cable’s uncountable levels of existential suckage could induce vomiting in a giraffe, reality is never as clear-cut as a crawl on Noggin.

It is obvious that Time Warner Cable and Viacom are playing hardball in a price negotiation. Time Warner wants the Viacom channels cheaper than Viacom wants to sell them. Instead of working out a deal like mensches, the companies are taking their impasse to the public, and playing on the anxieties of parents with young children. Indeed, Viacom appears the guiltier company, since it is Viacom that is running crawls on its channels and popups on its websites, using the kind of language and typography more properly reserved for fake terror threat alerts.

Although Time Warner doesn’t answer its customer feedback number, some of the company’s phone numbers still work, and if you loop your way through a sufficient number of audio menus, you soon hear the company’s claim to be negotiating with Viacom.

If it were only about me, both companies could stuff it.

Will no one think of the children?

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83 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable canceling Noggin?

  1. As the parent of a three year old, I can attest to the gravity of your predicament. Best of luck coming up with an acceptable answer when she asks to watch ‘Wonder Pets’.

  2. You know, I was thinking the *same thing* this morning when I saw it. Sophia (daughter) asked me, “what’s that?” pointing at the screen. My heart skipped a beat for a second, then…pfew…for once I was relieved to have Comcast.

  3. We’ve got Cox (hold the innuendo ;)
    Our Noggin has been out for a couple weeks now!
    Cox customer service was no help.
    Luckily our 3 year old daughter is coping well with DIY… and Johnny and the Sprites on Disney ;)

  4. How is this anything but a good thing?

    How terrible that younger kids might have to do something other than entertain themselves by watching television.

    If for whatever reason you need to stick your kid in front of the television, go rent or buy some National Geographic or learning programs. Little kids eat that shit up.

  5. Ditch cable television. You can get all the Kids television programming you could ever want via Netflix… My 4-year old loves it…

  6. @Andres:

    Noggin is educational. It was created in partnership with Sesame Street Workshop. All the programming teaches, and there are no commercials.

    Sticking your child in front of a television is something you might sometimes need to do in a dual-income family where you don’t have the support of an extended family of nearby adult caregivers. Noggin is a kind of television you can sit your kid in front of that doesn’t bombard your kid with negative, consumerist messages … and that your kid actually loves.

  7. My two-year-old will be devastated. I live in North Carolina and upon trying to phone TW, I got the same technical difficulties message as you. After doing a little research, I realized that Viacom is the one removing the channels and placing the crawling “ALERT!” on said channels. While the price increase wouldn’t be that significant (and I’d pay it gladly to keep Noggin), I’m behind TW in their decision to try to keep prices down right now.

  8. I hate being a slave to Time Warner. As you stated, with no competition, Time Warner has no motivation to offer a better product to its customers. And now they are willing to play ball with Viacom over Noggin, Palladia, etc. Not only that, but when you call, they hang up on you?!

    Seems our children will get an early lesson in conglomerate monopolies.

    I’m in Albany, NY and Verizon is in a bitter battle to break into my market with Fios. Of course Time Warner has laid down a serious coaxial curtain.

    Whatever happened to competition being a tenant of Capitalism?!

  9. Time Warner and suckage go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here in Orlando, we have Bright House (like Time Warner only greater suckage) and they are about as bad a service provider as I have had, ever. Noggin is the best for small kids, like JZ says and it is truly brilliant not to pick up the phone, dishonest as all hell, but brilliant.

  10. Hmm…I don’t have any kind of notifications or crawl where we are.

    On another note though, and one that perhaps addresses Andres’ comment, Noggin was the ONE station that not too long ago sponsored a “go outside and play day” type event, taking all their shows off the air for an entire day.

    They earned a great deal of respect from me on that day.

  11. I know the feeling. In Belgium there are two major providers of Internet and television. I already left one due to their poor service, but it turns out the other one is more of the same. I had to stay on the phone a whopping 90 minutes just to get an upgrade. Then I was told that the upgrade wasn’t possible because my Internet connection is paid for by my company. In short I wanted to give them extra money and they said I couldn’t.

    I had to get my company to call their business center and the upgrade that wasn’t availabe before was installed the very next day.

    Now my mom, who wants the same upgrade, is still trying to get someone on the phone. She’s been doing that on and off for the past two months.

    How can anyone run a business like this? Customers are at the very core of a business, unless you’re a virtual monopoly, then you can just do whatever you want.

  12. Jeffrey, as so many others have stated, my three children would also love to take part on the march to overthrow such a ridiculous decision. Noggin is one of the only channels on the TV I’m comfortable letting my toddlers watch, and I am glad (at least to this point) my provider here in the great northwest has opted to keep it. Best of luck in your endeavors to save what little good remains in children’s television in your area!

  13. This is to the reject talking about this is a good thing and get some national geographic…DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN?! Noggin is all my daughter watches when she watches tv! And no, I do not sit her down in front of the tv all day!! As her parents, WE PAY ENOUGH MONEY TO HAVE WHAT CHANNELS WE WANT ON HERE DESPITE WHO WATCHES WHAT!! I think we are about done with Time Warner Cable, there is always some kind of problem with them!!

  14. This is an outrage!!!

    Even noggin.com lists two 1800 numbers to call, both of which dont work.

    What is my 3yr old going to do. He dosnt watch much TV but it’s great to have it there when WE need it.

    This is the only decent channel for younger kids. Disney has some good stuff first thing in the morning, but then the rest of the day is all for older kids that my 3yr wont watch.

    Come on Time, sort it our and keep in on air!!

  15. I just saw the crawl. :( Sad now. Forget my kids! I need my daily Spongebob fix :) But seriously, these channels are the majority of what my kids (and other family members) are watching. Mind as well just cancel the cable.

  16. If you call the phone number on the consumerist site listed above, you’ll be told it’s no longer working. To go directly to the Time-Warner president’s office, try 212-364-8200. After a very brief message/menu, I got connected to a real live cutomer service person. Viacom picked the number they chose to scroll, so perhaps it’s not set up for the call volume. The person I spoke did not know that the number was cutting people off — he insisted they are trying to handle all the calls. They have no way to cancel or counter the information by using a scroll of their own — that’s directly in the feed from Viacom.

    My daughter’s an early reader. She read the scroll herself and came to me with tears in her eyes. Those tears just indicate to me that TV might have become way too important to her, even though she can only watch a set time limit per day. If we lose the channels, we’ll survive (and yes, my kids do love National Geographic programming and the Eyewitness DVD series [which are incredible]). There are way too many other important things to worry about in the world and in our children’s lives. (And she didn’t learn to read at a fifth-grade level at age six by sitting around watching Nick — though Noggin is nice.)

  17. I signed up for AT&T U-Verse this morning. Noggin is a big reason I even have cable currently (kids are 2 and 4). Plus, I missed a month’s worth of CBS football because of holding out.

    I’m also shaving some $50 off my monthly bill and I get $225 via check back with AT&T. I can’t wait to checkout the whole home DVR too.

  18. Wow. I am suddenly very, very glad we got that ugly Directv dish mounted to our roof. I’ll never complain again about having to scrape the snow off of it with a paint roller duct taped to the 30 foot telescoping pole of our roof rake.

    Hopefully the dispute will be resolved quickly so Little Bear and Franklin live to see another day!

  19. I cannot believe they would think of taking it off. I have a one year old and a five year old and they both love noggin. My one year old dances whenever a theme song comes on and my five year old enjoys the station. I am disappointed that they would take it off and I know my children will be upset as well. Hopefully they will choose not to.

  20. I’ve been quite happy with over-the-air OPB (Oregon arm of PBS) for educational morning cartoons. It’s how my 5 year old wait for us to finish getting ready for work and school in the morning and has been since he was two. The public library has all the other stuff on DVD (including Wonder Pets). Never paid for cable TV and very happy about it (well, Comcast does get my money for broadband, but only because FiOS isn’t available where I can dump their ass).

  21. I just spoke to someone at the TWC president’s office number listed above. He was very polite and informed me (like others) that Viacom put the number up and there wasn’t any other number he could provide. Pass the buck.
    I don’t really care who is responsible for the wrong number or the entire situation. All I know is that I want my NOGGIN! We are being held hostage by two huge companies who are desperately trying to make more money. I pay enough for my cable.
    If anyone finds any other way to get ahold of Viacom or TWC please let us know.

  22. Time Warner has lost my business, they don’t care.
    Tell them to refund the 18 channels they are losing to your bill and they will hang up on you. I can’t get ATT Uverse here yet, but I will get DirectTV now.

  23. Oh noes! I understand the issue for parents losing channels their kids love, but my husband is going to freak out if he can’t watch Southpark on Comedy Central.

    While weeping 4 year-olds is going to be hard on you guys, a distraught 41 year old is going to make my life a living hell. :(

    God help us all.

  24. It’s just like what happened in the UK but on a smaller scale.

    There are 2 main digital TV providers in England who had a dispute resulting in one of them losing Sky 1 – one of the main entertainment channels.

    But I agree, it’s a bit sudden to just take a kids channel off.

  25. Oh no. No more Spongbob. No more Leave It To Beaver. No more reality shows. I think it’s awful how Time Warner charges outrageous prices as it is and then expects us to pay the same price and have 13 or more less channels to watch. If this happens, Friday I’ll call another cable provider. I can’t have my grandchildren upset because they can’t watch Spongebob.

  26. This is really stupid. Time Warner and Viacom need to watch the “wouldn’t it be great if everything were like pre-school” segments of Noggin, so that they can learn how to play nice together. They’re both acting like babies if you ask me. But then if everything “were like pre-school”, they would have already seen how obvious of a decision it is for both of them. They both stand to lose lots of money, and lots of customers. Can these College Graduates at Viacom and AOL/Time Warner not understand the simplicity that our pre-schoolers can understand?? **Pissed. . .**

  27. i go them to give me a refund in los angles California I also demanded they remove their equipment from my home by the end of the business day, as well as chewing them a new asshole, they just raised every Californians bill by 6.00 bucks anyways they cant fucking deal with another quarter of a dollar.

    in a different time i would just firebomb the building.

  28. hi just talked to a rep- in the presidents office ant twc and the number to call viacom about htis is -212-258-6000 what they dont get is along with the cable channels they offer there are also toys, dvds etc they can lose revenues on if there is a boycott of products associated with viacom networks ie that Dora doll everyone wanted this year as well as a boycott of neopets which is part owned by nickleodeon hope this helps and yes ia m a twc subscriber with a 4 year ols and a 12 year old so i lose out all around

  29. Noggin is the main channel viewed around our house. My daughter is 41/2 loves watching most of the shows. I love not having all the commercials that are on other channels geared towards kids. I would be writing my Senator or at least maybe the local PTA. Noggin’s lineup of shows are a great social learning tool, but mostly entertainment without pushing consumerism on the very young. I never heard anything about this toy or that cereal (junk), until she watched a couple Disney shows or Nick. We have U-verse from AT&T now, but before that it was only Movies or PBS for kids via a Antenna. Our daughter is not lacking in toys, and she eats healthy vegetarian non-GMO organic diet. I think getting her to stick to it is easier, without the bombardment of advertising aim at kids. I would miss it too, with working at home most of the time myself.

  30. I’ve read Viacom’s press statement about their plans to pull the MTV/Nickelodeon/Comedy Central networks from the air if Time Warner Cable does not meet their demands for increased fees/revenue. Viacom’s sense of corporate responsibility, trying to lay the blame on Time Warner Cable, is shameful and atrocious. They’ve stated that they expect cable customers to find TWC’s resistance to your demands “outrageous.” No, it is Viacom that I find outrageous. CHARGE THE ADVERTISERS MORE, not the viewer. The consumers and viewers of Viacom’s shows are not commodities with whom they can trade on the value of their company. We should not be the ones who add value to Viacom’s bottom line. Too bad if their sales margins are declining. I for one would rather loose their networks forever than have to pay a higher cable bill. If Viacom can’t agree to TWC’s terms… I say good riddance.

  31. Don’t let them get the best of you. Throw the knockout punch by pirating the shows your child needs online. Sure, that’s taking a shot at Noggin, but now-a-days you gotta be a part of that vicious circle of greed to get yours.

  32. Not sure what Noggin is, so I searched on Google. Somehow you’ve snagged the 5th result with this article. Nice SEOing. ;)

    Good luck with your plight!

  33. The annoying notice on the bottom of my screen has disappeared. Did they reach an agreement or has Viacom given up it’s attempt to keep us calling a bogus 800 number?

  34. You know, I really thought that Noggin is the best thing since “the information superhighway.”


    I found it last year in my cable package and have LOVED it! It’s great for the kids. My son fell in love with a lot of their shows and so have I!!! (He’s 2, BTW)

    I recently cancelled my cable due to financial problems right now, but begged for a way to just keep that station to no avail. I was looking forward to getting it back. I hope they change their minds.

  35. Yeah, I noticed the banner is gone, too. Still searching the net to try to find new information. This is bogus. My kids love Wubbzy…and so do I!!! Thank God I have him on DVD, just in case…

  36. Quite honestly, the main reason I got cable was so that my son could enjoy his favorite channel Noggin. If they remove that along with Nickelodean, then I don’t see the point in sticking with TWC. We, the consumers, should not be forced to suffer because these two companies are having a tiff and can’t get along or because one chooses to wait until we are in a recession to become greedy! I just wish a representative from one of those big companies would come and explain to my six year old why he won’t get to watch his favorite channel anymore!!

  37. I will cancel cable if Noggin is canceled. Sadly, it is the only channel worth having cable for and I’ve been thinking of canceling it for awhile, anyway. I’m really going to miss Little Bear. I’m depressed now!

  38. My 5 and 2 year old, love noggin and I do too for many reasons from the no commercials to the fundamentals that each show emphasizes from music (jack’s big music show, wonder pets and backyardigans)to vocabulary (pinky dinky doo) to being active (lazytown and yo gabba gabba) as well as teaching you how to get along and share (pretty much every other show on there).
    The bigger question I have here is why is Time Warner apparently the only company having issues with this. The other cable companies I have checked with locally and in some other areas as well as the satellite providers seem to still be offering these channels. So is it that Time Warner is just cheap or greedy because I am seeing that other companies including satellite that are charging less and giving more and yet they still have these channels and then they also are raising the monthly charges for service and now we have less channels.
    I still have a problem with the fact that they charge no additional fees for any other in demand channels if you get the primary channel ( HBO you get Hbo on demand etc.)yet to get Disney on demand you have to pay extra even though you get disney toon disney and disney west.
    It seems to me that Time Warner has more to lose than Viacom because if most markets offer alternatives that allow them to keep these channels people will leave Time Warner and go where they can watch what they want to see and I will be one of them!!!!

  39. Aren’t we forgetting that TWC is not canceling noggin, its Viacom that will no longer let TWC broadcast it unless WE pay more money.

  40. Actually Time Warner has a bunch of *FACTS* on their website now, none of which impress me in the least. Time Warner, is in fact a crappy company who feels the need to pass the buck to their customers for far less than this.
    12:01 am, Nick and Noggin off, I will be ordering Directv.
    Oh they have a comment section on their propaganda page http://www.twcfacts.com/ they appear to think a refund for these channels will keep their customers, it won’t keep this customer.

  41. Crazy people!!!! Runining our world!!! take off noggin! Leave nick @ nite, mtv and the comady channel!!! Let your kids watch HGTV, animal plannet, and discovery channel!!! Not a three year old fake mexican girl lying to your kids!!! Or three gay guys called the wiggles!!

  42. Sara,
    Even though you apparently cannot spell, I will respond to the parts of your post that I understand.
    1. Nobody needs to use 4 exclamation points, except a crazy person!
    2. Ruining whose world?
    3. Noggin is quality programming for children, you should tune in, it could not hurt your posting style or spelling.
    4. Comedy is spelled with an e, not an a. I bet your family hates to play scrabble with you.
    5. it is a planet, not a plannet, that is not even a word. Spell check would help your posts greatly. Open Office is a free program you can use.
    6. I would counter that Dora is in fact a REAL Hispanic Cartoon Character
    7. There are four Wiggles, not that I know what they do in bed, they are not gay. And despite your derogatory association there is nothing wrong with them, GAY or not. They are also a Disney Channel show.

  43. 1:26 am and Noggin is still working at my house. MidOhio Time Warner Cable. I’m a little afraid to go to bed and wake up without it. Here’s hoping. I’ll dream of Toot & Puddle just in case.

  44. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gmeKcfi6sWhsSN9SOcnD9eR3hjsAD95E5Q3O0

    They apparently came to their senses! It appears that Viacom and Time Warner reached an agreement. As my friends and I sat together to celebrate the New Year the conversation kept returning to Noggin. What kind of a New year would it be without Noggin. As working mothers Noggin is a small break in our evening. It’s part of our routine really. Dinner, playing, Backyardigans, book, bed. I agree that we shouldn’t plop our kids down in front of the TV and forget them, but shows like those on Noggin do have an educational value. I teach special education and I’ve shown some of these shows in the classroom. Kids learn from this stuff, period. I’m glad that Noggin will continue to be on the air.

  45. I’m relieved Noggin is still on! It’s the only channel that does not promote violence, nor does it continually advertise sugary foods and anorexic Barbie dolls. (No offense to Barbie-lovers, but they’re not for us.)


  46. Before I had the cash to afford cable, I simply bought DVD’s (and the occasional used VHS). 3-4 episodes per, and you can pay less in the long run. Even now that I can afford cable, the damn thing NEVER leaves noggin or nick jr. anyways. It’s simply more convenient not having to pop in a new disc.

    But anyways, I’m thinking this is another consequence of TV dying. I doubt anyone in television land is making as much money as they’d like to these days. Now, if Viacom was willing to stream Noggin via their site for a reasonable price, they’d probably have a lot of takers. And probably more money.

  47. Noggin is a critical tool for parents and grandparents.
    Glad they came to their senses before it came down to a smack right in the noggin, which is what they were headed for.

  48. All cable companies are a sham. We had a similar thing with Charter and Fox in our region where Charter was going to stop showing Fox but packer fans complained and we ended up getting it back.

  49. Sara,
    I’m curious why you’re still here? Do you have children? If so, what do you do to keep them entertained 24/7? As I think I may have mentioned before, I teach special education (severe autism) and by 7:30 at night I’m dead, and I’m lucky to have had the time to go the bathroom during the day. If my daughter wants to sit down and watch a show like Diego, which teaches about the environment, animals, responsibility, etc. I think it’s great. I also think it’s great that I then have more that 2.2 seconds to pee.
    If you’ve watched a full show on Noggin (which I doubt you have since you can’t seem to get any info about it right, including names, characters, etc) you’ve seen the little screen before each show that says “This show promotes….stuff like letter recognition, interpersonal skills, body awareness, music appreciation…” those sorts of important skills. Next time there’s one on about “using proper language and intra/interpersonal skills” I’ll record it and send it your way. Even my 3 year old knows it’s not okay to call people stupid. If you were in my house you’d be in time out!

  50. I have a 17-year old, and keeping “Comedy Central” was critical to her life these days, but I remember the days of struggling to find good quality, educational programs for her to watch when she was small. We didn’t have Noggin, but keeping those types of programs is so critical to a working family.

    I am relieved to see that they seem to have worked out a deal this morning.

  51. I know all about Noggin and all the characters. I was just talking about all kids shows in general. I watch alot of Noggin when I babysit. I work at a Early Learning Center. I think kids grow up without brain cells when they watch tv. Believe me, I know all about it. I see kids who watch very limited tv and then see the ones who’s parents screen and bit*h when there show is going to be taken off air. The ones who watch very limited NOGGIN are alot smarter than the ones who actually watch it because there parents do not have time to entertain them. Can you put a game n front of them? Stick emm out side! Trust me, if your one of the parents who let there kids watch Dora then your kid will grow up and merry a Mexican who makes $6 an hour illegally. And for the dude who said Dora is real. LOL right! The kid is like three and goes everywhere by her self! FAKE! Your kid will also grow up talking “slow” like Dora. Why dont you let your kids watch Discovery kids? Or Animal planet. I know most kids at the center love animal planet for kids. I am teaching children Spanish, sign language, and the alphabet at age 2-3. I mean I totally agree a working adult with kids needs to put there kid in front of the tv a few times a week or so but not every day. Do other things! By the way, I love how your jealous! I type and spell this way because I’m using an iPhone!!!! Yall are some of the WORST parents I have ever seen! Put me to the test with the shows, characters, channels, times, etc and I will bet the crap out of all yall! =)

  52. This is to you Sara! You are a complete idiot! I feel sorry for the children you care for at this learning center because you probably teach them it is okay to be racist. If a child grows up and gets married to a Mexican….is that so wrong? Do all Mexican’s make $ 6 dollars and hour, and even if they do, maybe that person married them because of the person on the inside and not for money! I have worked in early childhood education for over five years, and now I am a full time mother and a great one at that! My child is ahead of a lot of children for her age. Oh and guess what…..we watch Noggin together and yes, that includes Dora! No, my child does not speak slow!! I don’t even know why I am posting this to you because you really show how immature and racist you are…………Grow up and don’t become a mother, all of us wouldn’t want your kid to be slow or marry a Mexican and ruin the world because you slipped and let your child watch Noggin! By the way, your age shows since you want Mtv to stay on….becasue we all know what an awesome show that is LOL!

  53. Sara,
    I don’t know if your January 1st 3:39 post was directed towards me or not, but let me reply anyway. I think it’s interesting that you are first of all calling everyone idiots. I have a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education and I’m 29. I have spent the last 5 years teaching students with autism. And I have a 3 year old daughter. I think that I’m just as qualified, if not more qualified, than you are to talk about early childhood education. Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to have any sort of degree at all to be knowledgeable about this subject but I want to point out your ignorance.
    I really love how you’re preaching to us about setting our kid in front of the televisions. Why aren’t we watching other shows (I don’t watch many of the Discovery/Animal planet shows because they are not geared toward preschoolers, how am I supposed to explain the deer who’s being chased and eaten by a lion? That’s appropriate for a three year old). Again, she’s 3; not really old enough to be put outside to play by herself (like you bash Dora for being). And most games are a little hard for children to play on your own. You work at an “Early Learning Center” at what age are children able to understand and play games with complex rules?
    Here’s the best part of your post. You say that you watch Noggin all the time when you babysit. If I hire you to babysit your job is to play with my kids, go outside, play games, etc. When you babysit you don’t have any other real responsibilities at my house besides that. No cleaning, bill paying, phone calls. Just watch my kids. But apparently you’re not only doing that, you’re watching Noggin with my kids. A little hypocritical don’t you think?!?! But what do I know, I’m an idiot.
    Sara, I wish you the best of luck in all you do. I hope that someday one of your boss or the parents that you work with read this post. Would you be willing to say these things to them? I’m also dying to know your age and where you’re from, I’d hate to unknowingly hire you to babysit my child. Scratch that, I’m pretty sure I could see your true colors just talking to you on the phone (your iPhone). No need to worry about me actually hiring you. I think I’d be more likely to hire one of those 3 year olds you’re teaching Spanish. By the way, when you teach Spanish are you thinking about what an amazing trait it is for a child to be bilingual or are you thinking that your students are only going to use their ability to speak spanish to meet someone who works in this country illegally for $6.00/hr?
    I hope you treat, speak to and think of the children you work with in a more respectable and professional manner than you’ve spoken here. It’s people like you who give “Early Learning Centers” a bad reputation. Grow up, do your research.

    To the other parents,
    Thank goodness Noggin is safe. We know the educational value of the channel and we know our children. I think we can all agree that their brains aren’t rotting just because they watched Toot & Puddle last night.

  54. Hello everyone. I stumbled upon this column and felt it necassary to chime in and express my sincere appreciation for your views. I am the executive producer of Toot & Puddle, one of the television series playing on Noggin – and to people like Sara I’d like to say that pre-school children’s television, particularly Noggin programming, is exceptionally safe. A great deal of time, effort, expertise, and hundreds of thousands of dollars go into making a preschool series an educationally and/or developmentally postive experience. Sometimes the educational component is overt, and sometimes, like in Toot & Puddle, the educational content is a little less direct. Either way making a television series safe so parents CAN put their kids in front of the tv and feel good about it is a mandate we receive as producers from our partners at Noggin – we are parents too after all!

    Thanks again for all your support.

    Warm wishes and a happy new year to all.
    Clint Eland

    [email protected]

  55. I think I’ll agree with Laura in this debate. My 18 month old daughter enjoys Noggin. She dances during the music shows like Jack’s Big Music Show. It’s adorable.

    The other day I downloaded, from iTunes, The Roots’ Lovely, Love My Family that is shown on Yo Gabba Gabba. I love that song. I also can’t wait for Puzzle Time, I’m pretty good at that – [not-bragging]91%[/not-bragging]! And I’ve come to believe that, indeed, buttons are the belliest.

  56. Clint,
    Thank you for what you do. I’ve loved Toot & Puddle since I found the original book years ago. My 3 year old daughter loves the books and now the show. The message is great, the adventures are amazing and I appreciate that there is quality educational show available. (I watch too!)

  57. We have been without cable/satellite for nearly 4 years now. When we canceled for financial reasons), my son was 6 and my daughter 2. There was a rough transition period for all of us, but it passed. We feel our kids are more well adjusted than they were when we had satellite. Although they watched primarily Noggin and other educational programming….getting rid of cable was truly enabling for my kids. They still get their fix on PBS and DVD, but they were able to find alternative activities (with some coaching). They read, they draw, color, play with puzzles, play outdoors, build forts in the house, play with friends, etc.

    I didn’t want to cancel when we did and I still miss seeing my History Channel, Discovery, Comedy central, etc on occasion. But it is something I am glad that we were forced to do.

    I recommend trying to do without for a month or so, and see what happens.
    You don’t have to cancel, just turn it off. It won’t be easy at first, it wasn’t for us, but it has paid off.

    Just my $0.02.

  58. I just thought I would chime in on the awesomeness of Noggin. There has never been nor will there ever be a station that I will hold more dear. As a parent of two there are moments when I need to turn to that glorious Moose A Moose and Zee for nothing more than 30 minutes of babysitting. And by God they are available every time. And for free! God bless you Noggin.

    I raise my glass Pinky Dinky Doo, Little Bear, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Frankin, Little Bear, Jack, that weird orange jumpsuit guy on Gabba Gabba, and even you sweet Dora and your freaky monkey Boots.

    By the way my kids are freaking geniuses and are in no way deprived of the richness of life for enjoying 30 minutes of Noggin a day. Just yesterday my 3 year old son fingerpainted the walls of his bedroom with his own crap. Now you tell me that your kids are that creative. Didn’t think so.

  59. Noggin is awesome. MTV? Pffff…..you’re doing me a favor by eliminating a channel I have to skip over.

    Btw – Time Warner is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with, period. Even the simplest tasks (like getting installation – which requires two visits from a tech over the course of a month and a half to get done right) are an absolute friggin’ chore. The only way they survive is by having a complete choke hold on the industry. This is a public example of just how poor this company really is.

  60. We canceled our cable a few years ago. Best decision ever. I discovered TotTol (a YouTube for kids): http://www.totlol.com/ and my four year old loves it as he can click on what videos he wants to watch. We also pick up kids videos at the library. We save a lot of money and are more creative with other ways of entertaining our boy, like legos, drawing and playing education games on the computer.

  61. We canceled Time Warner Cable back in November. Well, actually they cancled themselves. I went in to the local office to cancel Road Runner and they took it upon themselves to cancel the cable tv portion too – on the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. I left their office at 3:30pm and they had turned the cable off in the next 40 minutes, yet it would be the following Monday “before they could get a technician out to turn it back on”. Either they had turned our service off at their office or they had someone circling our block while I was standing in their office. By Monday I told them to leave it off, I’ll go to satellite before I go back to cable.

    We miss it a little, especially a fully-functioning TIVO. :(

  62. We had to deal with the same nonsense in the UK when Sky and Virgin got into a row over the price of TV shows, and the end result was that we lost BSG, Lost, 24, and countless other TV shows for over a year. Complete nonsense and really, really terrible customer service.

  63. I saw that scrawl and shuddered…”luckily” (only in the sense of not having to deal with this particular issue) we have Comcast, not TW. If Jack’s Big Music Show and Yo Gabba Gabba were suddenly to disappear, I know a certain little boy who would ask “WHERE JACK? WHERE GABBA? WHERE JACK? WHERE GABBA?” until I was forced to bring him to the president of Time Warner myself to demand his answers in person!

  64. I just wanted to tell you that Noggin is one of the chanels that that helps me when i need to clean, cook(I don’t like the grandkids around hot things), or pee. THANK YOU NOGGIN!

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