17 Oct 2008 12 pm eastern

Climate Matters

During the last couple of months, dozens of Vimeo members created videos to inspire the next American president to take action on climate change. Here are the 16 finalists; winners will be announced Tuesday.

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5 Responses to “Climate Matters”

  1. Richard Fink said on

    Frankly I don’t care that much about commenting on the substance of the post. It was the word bubkis that got me – I felt bad. Nobody, nothing, not even a blog post should get bubkis.
    Although a native New Yorker, I now live in a fairly countrified section of Naples, Florida (a Republican shtetl and I’m not quite sure how I got here) but anyway the people who own the house two doors down from me actually have goats so I could get, I suppose, as much bubkis as I could possibly want.

    Kudos to the climate change finalists!

  2. alpha said on


    Zeldman? something on web standards or design….

    I know climate change is important but why such a tiny post about some competition…maybe I am missing the point. look forward to the next one!

  3. Greg said on

    Alpha, I hope that’s some attempt at humor. God forbid Jeffrey be allowed to post whatever the hell he wants on his own site.

    Z, great competition. I love the stop animation entry.

  4. alpha said on

    It says “Zeldman: Web design news and info” at the top so I expect to see stuff that Zeldman, our wise pundit, to point us to articles and news and learnings that are specific to that field….

    ofcourse, you are right, he can post nudie pics of celebs and I’ll have no choice but to force myself to enjoy them…..

  5. afa said on

    nice competition

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