An Event Apart Chicago sells out

An Event Apart Chicago, the final AEA event of 2008, has sold out. If you’ve already secured a seat for this remarkable two-day web design conference, we look forward to seeing you October 13–14 at the Sheraton Towers Chicago—along with Andy Clarke, Sarah Nelson, Robert Hoekman Jr., Jason Fried, Cameron Moll, Rob Weychert, Derek Powazek, Curt Cloninger, Jason Santa Maria, Jeffrey Veen, and your hosts, Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman (that’s me).

If you’ve missed the opportunity to join us this year, we’ll announce An Event Apart’s 2009 schedule on Wednesday, October 1, 2008. Stay tuned.

Update: An Event Apart has announced the first cities in its 2009 schedule.

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19 thoughts on “An Event Apart Chicago sells out

  1. Aaron, the follow-up email with additional details goes out Monday, October 6th—a week before the show.

    Frank and Ian, we are mulling over international options but nothing immediate is planned. Come to the U.S.! Our dollar has never been lower. You can live like kings!

  2. Here it is, October 2nd, and I don’t see the 2009 AEA schedule yet…you’re killing me!! :)

  3. @jameos I was thinking the same thing!

    Congrats on the sell out! (I don’t think that term is appropriate) Let’s see how many AEA pics I will not be in this year :)

    Q: Did AEA not launch the Apartnik forum this year?

  4. Jameos, The 2009 schedule is late because our baby-sitter got sick yesterday and I was on all-day parent duty. The schedule is ready and will be posted tonight!

    Antoine, no, we did not launch the forum this year. We loved the idea of a community forum, but the one we had wasn’t where it should have been, and we lacked time and resources to develop the perfect one. (For now, use the Facebook group.)

    Thanks, folks!

  5. Thanks for posting the AEA 2009 sked.


    Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplesae add the Windy City…!! :)

  6. Jeffrey, I’m glad to see Boston on there again and will be seeing you there! This time, it will go a lot smoothly. ;) Plans and details are already being made. :)

  7. I’m certainly looking forward to attending this year. I have my fancy new iPhone now to keep up with the other webmasters. Isn’t that a requirement now days? Ha! Just kidding! I’m looking forward to receiving a spark to my web design thought processes.

  8. Welcome back to Chicago! I went last year, had a fantastic time, and I wish I could go again — but alas, I decided to stay in school and use that money to pay off my bills. Gosh-darn responsible college students.

    Anything after-hours?

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