2 Jul 2008 7 am eastern

Lube Tube

Friedrolling: vt. Gratuitously posting Basecamp referral links disguised as tweets or blog posts.

“Man, damn the internets! That’s the third time today I’ve been Friedrolled when I thought I was clicking on porn!

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12 Responses to “Lube Tube”

  1. Daniel Carvalho said on

    I don’t know why I find this so humorous, but I do.

    On a side note, can’t believe your site is already listed in Google if you search for friedrolled.

    A shameless pimp, but I forgive you. I sense I coming fury of comments though.

    – Daniel Carvalho

  2. Matt Radel said on

    That’s really funny. Though, I fully expected something like this when they launched the affiliate network. Hell, it might even work out for ‘em.

  3. Carissa said on

    Very clever, though I can understand why you’d want to make a little money off Basecamp referrals after loosing all that very expensive software yesterday!

  4. Owen Waring said on

    Yeah, that happens to me all the time ;)

    So wait, if there’s such thing as a live rickroll, then what would a live friedroll be like?

  5. Brian Alvey said on

    I wonder how quickly you could become the #1 search result for “alveyroll”.

    I have no idea what an alveyroll actually is, but I hope it has avocado.

    Alveys love avocado.

  6. Brian Alvey said on

    Wow. That was fast. ;-)

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  8. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    No. 1 for Alvey lube!

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