So long, Boston. We’ll be back.

An Event Apart Boston 2008 is over but the memories and photos linger on.

Eric and I started An Event Apart because we saw the need for a live, concentrated, learning and sharing experience about best practices and inspiration for the standards-based web design community. Thanks to brilliant speakers, phenomenally dedicated and supremely competent staff, and an extraordinary and growing attendee base of passionate practitioners, the show is steadily becoming the thing of which we dreamed.

And the food was pretty good, too.

Thank you for the ideas, jokes, and kick-ass Keynote graphics, Luke, Jeff, Jared, Ethan, ppk, Chris, Andy, Kim, Jason, and Doug.

Thanks also to our wonderful sponsors, Adobe (who gave away six copies of Creative Suite 3), GoodBarry (who packed goodies for everyone), and (mt) Media Temple (who threw a party so good, many people who attended don’t remember having been there).

Most of all, our deep thanks to all who came. Without you, Eric and I would be two lonely crackpots with a theory that web design matters. It will sound insincere because I have a vested interested for saying and thinking this, but you are truly the smartest and coolest “audience” going, and I put audience in quotes because you are so much more than that. So, you know, thanks.

Thank you, Boston. We’ll be back in 2009. (And now, on to San Francisco and Chicago.)

Watch this space for AEA Boston session notes and download links, coming momentarily.

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8 thoughts on “So long, Boston. We’ll be back.

  1. I had a blast! I can’t thank you enough Jeffrey for making me feel welcome and to everyone else, Marci and the crew. The speakers were awesome and I feel energized and refreshed after AEA.

    For my 1st one, it was memorable indeed. It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to not only talk with you and hang out a bit, but with all the speakers, it was a HUGE thrill for me to be able to mingle with some of the best that I have been admiring from behind a monitor for years, including yourself and Eric.

    Can’t wait for the next edition of Boston, because I am there! Thanks Jeffrey!

  2. Jeffrey, this was my first An Event Apart experience. The presentations were inspiring and practical on many levels, and the atmosphere was great. I definitely hope to attend next year’s event in Boston.

  3. I can’t wait until I can afford to make it to one of these. I’d love if you offered some kind of student discount. Unforunately for me it’d have to be a pretty large discount.

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