AEA Boston 2008 session notes

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Functioning Form – An Event Apart: Understanding Web Design

Luke Wroblewski: “Jeffrey Zeldman’s Understanding Web Design talk at An Event Apart Boston 2008 highlighted factors that made it challenging to explain the value and perspective of Web designers but still managed to offer a way to describe the field.”

Functioning Form – An Event Apart: The Lessons of CSS Frameworks

Luke Wroblewski: “At An Event Apart Boston 2008, Eric Meyer walked through common characteristics of several Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) frameworks and outlined lessons that can be learned from their structure.”

Functioning Form – An Event Apart: Good Design Ain’t Easy

Luke Wroblewski: “Jason Santa Maria’s Good Design Ain’t Easy talk at An Event Apart 2008 argued for deeper graphic resonance in the presentation of content online.” An Event Apart: Day one schedule

Karyln is an educator who attended An Event Apart Boston 2008, sat in the front row, and took fabulous notes. This summary post links to her individual notes from each session of day one.

Karlyn’s session notes are informative, opinionated, and fun to read, and include photos of speakers and presentations. Well worth your time! An Event Apart: Day two schedule

Karyln assesses day one and posts links to her individual notes from each session of day two (except for the last session, as “you had to be there” for the live critiques).

Idiot Banter: An Event Apart session notes

Notes from all sessions.

Slide sharing

Luke Wroblewski – An Event Apart: Web Application Hierarchy

“In my Web Application Hierarchy presentation at An Event Apart Boston 2008, I walked through the importance of visual hierarchy, visual principles for developing effective hierarchies, and utilizing applications of visual hierarchy to communicate central messages, guide actions, and present information. Download the slides from my presentation.”

Quirksmode: AEA Boston slides

From Peter-Paul Koch’s presentation on unobtrusive scripting.

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15 thoughts on “AEA Boston 2008 session notes

  1. I enjoyed Karyln’s notes. Nice job!

    The ala survey notes were of particular interest. What impressed me were the number of people in the field
    who did not go to school for web design. That seems to be a
    mixed blessing.

  2. I i share the Jeffrey Zeldman’s idea. And I think that in future web design must be one of the leading objects of study in schools. Most of people don’t understand the web design idea yet.

  3. Here are my notes that I took on the fly along with pictures from Day 1 and Day 2 of the conference.

    Boston AEA was definitely worth the money and time. After the two days in Boston, I brought back a ton of inspiration and motivation. Thanks again Mr. Zeldman and crew!

    Now only if you can do this every Monday morning…

  4. I hate moments like that! Gah. I’ve had multiple incidents on a previous camera of mine whereby the ‘format’ option was one key press from the ‘delete’ option, and thus it was a case of drop everything, insert another memory card then do a lengthly recovery process when you get home.

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