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  1. > We’ll do it before Christmas.

    No pressure then?

    I wish you both well, a second child is a big step. They bring as much joy and just as much hard work as your first. It is an equally big step as the time you first became a parent and your multitasking skills will be stretched to the absolute limit. After that children three and four are a breeze :0)

  2. It is an equally big step as the time you first became a parent…

    I’ve got to respectfully disagree with the other guy named Rob on that one. :) Our lives and schedules were already so kid-centric from the first child that the second one didn’t seem like that big of a change for us. And once they actually start playing together, there’s a lot of pressure taken off you to keep them occupied every second.

    Good luck working the magic, though.

  3. My wife and I are one week away from the due date of our 4th child. We currently have 1 girl then 2 boys. Our daughter is also very keen for a baby sister and we wish we could have ordered one for her!

    When we went from 1 to 2 it wasn’t that hard really – there was an 18 month gap between them and they got on really well.

    Go for it – kids are amazing!!!

  4. Our kids are 18 months apart. The first was challenging but the second was cake by comparison. They now have each other for companionship, learning to share, get along, etc. And yes .. we did give him a baby sister.

  5. When I was 4 years old I wrote my first story. Hmm, maybe I should call it my first short story. It was about how a monkey wanted a baby sister. I already had a sister, and yet another one had just arrived. I guess I was following the adage, “Write what you know.”
    I advise spending the next year doing a whole lotta reading. My father’s favorite pastime in the evenings was reading. But there were three girls in the next room squabbling over every conceivable molecule or event in the universe from dibs on choosing the next TV show to who put that piece of string on the floor to ownership of Barbie accoutrements. We even had the Barbie game, and there were four possible Barbie boyfriends. You really didn’t want to end up with that loser named Poindexter—you know, the one who looked like he’d later be a multi-gazillionaire by starting Microsoft or something.
    The most oft-heard phrase from my father, after manfully tolerating the din for an hour or so, was an exasperated, “Geesh! Will you pipe down in there?” I also remember my Mom saying a couple of times, “Okay, no one is allowed to talk to me or ask me a question for the next five minutes.” At the time, we were bewildered by this strange request. She probably wanted to add, “…or my head will explode.” Welcome to your future! Or, have a boy. :)

  6. Yeah… good luck with that one. I told my parents that, and ended up with FOUR stupid brothers before I finally got my sister. She’s awesome, though, so I guess it was worth it. But still… four brothers is very hard for a girl to take.

  7. Good luck!

    After a couple miscarries we’re finally giving David a little brother or sister right after the new year :)

  8. That is great. I remember my daughter saying something to that effect when she was about 4 years old and wanting a little sister. Then much to her dismay and displeasure, her brother came into the world and she demanded “a take back from the stork.”

    Kids do say the darnedest things, it makes good material though.

  9. My 10 month old son asked for a baby sister. his first multiple word sentence.

    (It took us another 3 years to provide one… but that’s another story.)

  10. Good luck!

    My sister asked for a brother when she was around seven… so here I am: her eight years old “gift”.
    (yes, we share the same birthday – my parents did the magic…)

  11. Coming from a group of 4 brothers I can expand on what Steph said above, four brothers is hard for just about anyone to take, even the brothers at times. It doesn’t really get better until most of them are over 16, and even then it’s only at the times they act their age. There’s just something about being a brother in a group of brothers that makes it easier to act up the more brothers there are. Despite all this, we still weren’t able to top the amount trouble that one of my aunts caused with just a single sister. They’re “unique” though so I imagine two sisters don’t normally cause that much trouble.

    Anyways, I’m sure that child number two will bring you as much happiness as number one, all the ups and downs included.

  12. After that children three and four are a breeze :0)

    I have 4 kids, they are anything but a breeze! Sure, you dont jump everytime they cry, but its still quadruple the work.

    Good luck Jeffery, two is a wonderful number.

  13. ummm what do you say when your 29, just married, career driven and your asian mother in fear of you losing your first bloom asks you EVERYDAY:

    “did you drink your milk today?”

    yes mom.

    “how ’bout vitamin. did you take your vitamin”


    “you need it for healthy baby.”

    I know, mom.

    “I’m worried about you.”


  14. @ angie: Probably the same thing you say when you’re 24, Jewish, unmarried, but with a lovely Catholic boyfriend, and your grandmother comes over… first to lament that he’s not Jewish, then to console herself that we’re indeed not getting married tomorrow, and then ask if she could introduce you to a nice, Jewish boy. Nothing. It never ends…

  15. Kids are great, and somehow it works out. Moving from kid #2 to kid #3 (or more) just changes your approach, that’s all–you and your spouse go from man-to-man to zone defense.

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