Video: Got Live in New Orleans

Caught live at An Event Apart New Orleans 2008, new, widescreen video clips featuring Andy Clarke on web layout and yours truly on journalism and the web are now online for your viewing pleasure at An Event Apart’s website. Immaculately captured by Bonnemaison of Baltimore, MD, and crisply edited by Mister Ian Corey, these quick clips provide a glimpse into the two-day experience that is the AEA web design conference.

More An Event Apart video clips are on their way. Keep watching the skies.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Got Live in New Orleans

  1. Great stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed Boston last year and can’t wait for this years. You should sell an archive of this stuff after the conference. I know I’d throw in a few bucks on some deep knowledge.

  2. Zackly.

    It would be a lot easier to pony up for a DVD than airfare, cab fare, hotel, meals, bar tab, concierge, coat check, hat check, did I mention bar tab (God help me if I ever met Storey on one of these things)…. all of that on top of the event fee.

    Yup. From what I just saw in those three snippets, I’d buy a DVD .

  3. Hey Jeffrey,

    Good snapshot of the event. I can’t wait to find the time to attend an event apart and bring our developers along.

    Best Peter (the guy from you you used to mail with in the 90s :)

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