Looks good to Mies

The Seed Conference, held in Crown Hall (the “Cathedral of Modernism” designed by Mies van der Rohe) is a one-day event about design, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. Learn about taking control of your own work by seeking out methods to inspire new thinking and adopt unconventional ideas about collaboration and business.

Speakers include Jason Fried, Jim Coudal, Carlos Segura, Jake Nickell and and Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Edward Lifson, and Gary Vaynerchuk. An open panel will follow the presentations and the day will conclude with a reception on the lawn of Crown Hall, featuring wines selected by Mr. Vaynerchuk. Registration is $499/person; attendance is limited to 270; seats are going fast (with nearly 50% sold out in the first week).

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4 thoughts on “Looks good to Mies

  1. The SEED conference sounds mighty interesting. Nice site, too, though I hope—or rather, know—I’m not the only one who fired off an email to Cameron when he initially posted it to Northtemple, resulting in a “wee” reneger on his part.

    Also, regarding the NYT article, which I only skimmed very briefly, I’m equally… not “concerned,” per se, but… “interested” in whether or not the same sorts of problems will start cropping up with those who try to keep tabs on all the content these bloggers—prolific and otherwise—are pumping out. I guess “information overload” would be an appropriate term…

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