13 Mar 2008 1 pm eastern

Podcast news

Crisply produced Voices That Matter Podcast video interviews with your humble narrator and a host of design and web luminaries—people like Nathan Shedroff, Dori Smith and Tom Negrino, Stephanie Sullivan, Robert Hoekman, Jr., Aarron Walter, DL Byron and many more—are now available for your listening and viewing pleasure in the iTunes Music Store and at Peachpit.

Additional Happy-Cog-related SXSW video, coming soon, includes:

  • A discussion on user interface design between Michael Lopp and me
  • Video of the Everyone’s a Design Critic presentation featuring Jason Santa Maria and Rob Weychert
  • Video of the Respect! panel featuring Google’s Douglas Bowman and Happy Cog’s Erin Kissane, Liz Danzico, and Jason Santa Maria (and moderated by your humble)

Watch for announcements!

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2 Responses to “Podcast news”

  1. Rob Weychert said on

    Video of “Respect!” is actually already available, unfortunately encapsulated in an inaccessible (and practically hidden) Flash mini site. There is also a higher res Quicktime version of the video.

  2. zeldman said on

    The QuickTime version is beautiful. Thanks, Rob!

    And here’s Michael Lopp and me. It is a good conversation.

    Like you said, I wish I didn’t have to link directly to the video file.

    Did you notice, on the “Respect!” video, they identify me as “Santa Monica.”

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