Everything that can be iPhonelike, will be

From A Touching Story at CES in Business Week:

The Apple iPhone’s impact was widely evident at the Consumer Electronics Show, as new touch-screen devices could be found everywhere.

Hello? This was inevitable. But can they all do it as well as Apple does it? I think we know the answer.

I’m waiting for Apple to …

  • collaborate with Canon or Nikon on a great digital camera whose interface is iPhone-like (instead of incomprehensible icon and push-button driven), and
  • release a land line phone that works like the phone/contact part of the iPhone, and syncs to any computer I own.

It will happen. It’s inevitable.

The iPhone is too great a leap forward in interface design to be confined to, well, the iPhone. But with all the patents that went into the iPhone (and all the design thinking that only Apple seems able to do), copying a touchscreen is not going to cut it.

Indeed, calling it a touchscreen interface misses the point of its smoothly integrated, intuitive multi-functionality.

Apple will surely partner with leading brands to bring its interface wizardry to all the devices that frustrate us, from cable boxes to remotes of all kinds.

And then they may even fix sync.

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