15 Oct 2007 9 am eastern

We live as we dream

My cold is in its second week; I slept less than four hours last night. Yesterday we decided to check out the housing market in our neighborhood and ended up making a bid. Anxiety woke me at 1:00 a.m. and kept me eyeballing the dark ceiling for hours.

Tomorrow, if all goes to plan, we will publish the findings of the web design survey. The findings document alone will weigh in at more than 80 pages. It has been less work than building the pyramids, but I may revise that opinion by the end of the day.

Lots happening. Watch this space.

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27 Responses to “We live as we dream”

  1. Josh Stodola said on

    Drink lots of orange juice!! And not the crap, get the good stuff with lots of pulp.

  2. David Sleight said on

    Hope you feel better soon! Anticipating the survey results with eager eyeballs!

  3. bob sullivan said on

    Is it possible you can include the “tags” as categories in your RSS feed or make 3 feeds like Eric Meyer does?
    1) all
    2) personal
    3) technical

    I enjoy the blog, but I have so many feeds I only have time for the technical stuff.


  4. aliotsy said on

    Uh oh — you didn’t pick up that cold in SF, did you? Hope you feel better! Also looking forward to the survey, even if it is more than 80 pages long. Thanks again for taking the initiative in moving forward our profession.

  5. Brian Artka said on

    Colds Suck.

    Eat these, they work wonders for me when I am sick or staring to feel like it!

    Cold Eeze Drops

    I like the green tea ones, they taste more like candy then a cough drop.

    I have been anticipating the survey results for awhile now, cant wait to see them!

  6. Todd L. said on

    I’m under the weather also, I have a cold as well and I have been drinking green tea with lemon and lots of pulpy orange juice. Somehow I feel this might be a sinus infection though.

    I can’t wait to see the results of the Web Design survey, I took it and am eager to find out where I am as regards to the world.

  7. Dave Bastian said on

    Get well soon

  8. jen said on

    god, good luck with the bid. In my experience, first time is the hardest. You’ll soon get used to it. Or maybe you won’t have to!

  9. cameron thomas said on

    at least you’re not sitting in the ER waiting for a doctor to see your girl. fun fun fun. very excited to read the results of the survey. feel better.

  10. Greg Bulmash said on

    Just remember to read the active ingredients on any cold medicine you take. Most cold medicines are just mixed brews of other single-symptom cold medicines. NyQuil… Tylenol, DM cough syrup, Sudafed (or used to be), and an antihistamine.

    Too many people overdose themselves when taking multi-symptom medicines.

    Also, almost every non-prescription sleep aid is re-branded Benadryl. Be careful not to take a multi-symptom cold medicine (which may contain Benadryl) and a sleep aid together, as too much Benadryl can take you past drowsy back into alert.

    Good luck on the home purchase.

  11. Matt Radel said on

    Feed a cold right? Always a good excuse to pig out a little. :)

  12. Jennifer said on

    Because you had a semi-mystical experience with a book manifesting itself to help you with buying a home, I recommend you check out The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. It was an important part of how we ended up buying an amazing house.

  13. Gail Dedrick said on

    You’ve lived in New York long enough to see a good apartment when you see one. Yes, scary, but trust your gut.

  14. Jason K ratz said on

    I’d second the ColdEeze but they are only really useful if you start taking them right away…not sure by the second week they’re useful. Then again colds by themselves don’t usually last two weeks…sure you don’t have a sinus infection or something Jeffrey?

  15. Elaine said on

    I’m with Jason — a cold that lasts longer than 10 days is a possible sign of trouble. For me, that almost always means sinus infection, while for my husband it tends to be bronchitis. You might want to think about asking a doctor.

    And good luck with the new home. It’s a little nerve-wracking at that stage, but totally worth it.

  16. Carolyn Wood said on

    I just want to warn you that after you buy the place, you’ll turn from the worries you now have to “buyer’s remorse.” Happened to me when we bought our house. But our house turned out to be great, and an excellent investment. It’s just evil gremlins playing with your mind.

  17. Dan Schulz said on

    Jeff, have you tried going to Wal-Mart (ugh, I know – but trust me on this) and getting a one pound bag of peppermint candies (here in the Chicago area they’re only a buck)? Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I grab a bag of these, take three out of the bag, chew the first two, then let the third one sit and dissolve in my mouth (make sure you get the ones with real peppermint oil – the artiifical peppermint oil won’t do any good).

    And yes, I happen to be susceptible to head and chest colds. I started taking these mints two years ago and I have yet to have a major “outbreak” of a cold or flu yet. Also make sure that you drink plenty of fluids – I keep four one liter bottles of water (old “Dasani” bottles work wonders for this) in my fridge year round – buy the bottles, drink the water, rinse out the bottles (sterilize them) and then fill them with tap water and stick them in the fridge overnight. I drink two of them a day, sometimes three (and no, I don’t drink soda either). I’ll also mix them up with apple, cranberry and orange juice from time to time (just make sure to watch the vitamin C intake levels).

    As for the bid on the house, good luck with it and best wishes.

  18. Matt Robin said on

    Get well soon Jeffrey! Have some more sleep if you can.

  19. Michael Aleo said on

    Sorry to hear that you’re sick!

    I’ve been looking forward to this report since I took the survey… awesome work getting it turned around so quick.

  20. drew said on

    it’s moronic to suggest that you separate or tag your posts as personal or technical.

    That’s the reason I think zeldman.com makes for great reading and effective learning, because the posts have a personal voice.

    Dry, drull, technodrone didn’t make the web what it is today.

    Keep truckin.

  21. Dave said on

    I’m sure the bid on the house and the report are contributing to the cold. Stress=lack of sleep=easy target for colds. Its one big cycle. Sleep and fluids will help get rid of the cold.

  22. Brade said on

    Looking forward to the survey results. In the meantime, here are some fun facts.

  23. Chris Cox said on

    You can’t go wrong with a chili or curry (not the mild stuff like korma – go for a jalfrezi, balti or phal). The reason I never take antipyretics is that a fever makes the body an uncomfortable environment for many pathogens and the extra temperature triggers a boost of white blood cell production. Hot foods serve as an artificial fever (the “curry sweats”). Which is all a long-winded way of saying “munch a few jalapeños and you’ll be fine”.

  24. Kyle Steed said on

    My wife and I are just entering the market for buying a house. As I type she is actually at home talking to a lender to see how much we qualify for on a home loan.
    I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work making web standards the new “standard” in web design. I’ve been reading your book and it’s helped open my eyes to how much easier things can be. So thank you.

    -stay creative-

  25. Jeffrey Zeldman said on


    Thanks so much for the kind words! And best of luck with the lender.


  26. bob sullivan said on

    drew, the only reason the personal blog posts get responses is because Zeldman is a famous css guru and A-listed blogger. I respect him, but i really try hard to filter my news out for only techical stuff as I dont know him personally.

  27. coskunlar vinc said on

    Get well soon Jeffrey! Have some more sleep if you can.

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