Please and thank you

An Event Apart thanks its attendees, speakers, and sponsors for a great 2007, and announces dates and locations for 2008. Please join us next year! New Orleans, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago.

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23 thoughts on “Please and thank you

  1. Thank you, Jeffrey, and everyone that makes An Event Apart a reality. San Francisco was informative, inspirational, and a whole lot of fun. :)

  2. Still waiting for you to show some love to the South Florida technology corridor where IBM developed their PC, as well as the home to Citrix and AlienWare and hundreds of other technolog and intetnet companies. You folks don’t like sunny weather and mojitos?

  3. Thanks for providing such a great way to begin my stay in San Francisco. It eschewed my jet lag instantly. Having helped put on New Zealand’s web conference, WebStock, I can appreciate the time and effort taken to make such a well run show with top speakers and subject matters!

    I’ve put up my summaries of AEASF07’s Day One and Day Two on my SilverStripe blog.

  4. It is great that you are coming back to beantown for another AEA, I’ll be there. :)

    Would love to see some of the britpack as speakers.

    Cheers, melissa

  5. i dont understand what al gore has done, other than try to make sure that we havent forgotten him by promoting a hypothesis about weather and the earths doom as science fact.

    30 years ago we had to fear global cooling, and everyday the weather man can still be wrong about whats going on outside. truth is, no one really knows whats going on or how much we even affect the planet because we’ve been on it for such a short time, and we have no way of knowing what it would be like if we werent here.

  6. You closed the comments on your Al Gore blowjob because you know you’ve exposed yourself as a shallow twit and you don’t want anybody to say anything about it.

    It’s too bad; your noble work on standards has been wiped out by politically selling out in public. Had you stuck to what you know, you wouldn’t have proved yourself an intellectual midget.

    You daughter will look back and laugh at Al’s PowerPoint presentation and will wonder why anyone ever believed it was anything more than the ravings of a sad little man who couldn’t even beat the worst president of all time.

    She’ll also wonder what kind of person her father was to honor him.

  7. To bring these comments back on topic, thank *you* for such a wonderful and informative event. Can’t wait to go again, it was very inspiring.

  8. @Ed: Or maybe he closed comments because he knew he would attract people like you, who can’t disagree without throwing insults.

    Having said that, I disagree with giving Gore the Nobel peace prize, not because of the merits of his work (which I think are impossible to evaluate this early), but because it’s, you know, the Nobel peace prize, not the Nobel environment prize.

    Ah well. It’s your blog, and you will praise if you want to.

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