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In i love typography’s carefully curated “15 excellent examples of web typography (part one),” A List Apart, Happy Cog’s twice-monthly magazine for people who make websites, leads the pack at number one. Jason Santa Maria designed this version of A List Apart; Eric Meyer cunningly crafted the CSS; and Kevin Cornell illustrates. Other top-ranking examples of typographic excellence cited include Shaun Inman dot com, FontShop, Jesús Rodríguez Velasco, and Kevin Cornell’s BearskinRug Shop. Congratulations to all 15 extraordinary websites.

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14 thoughts on “Just My Type of Site

  1. Your post has been up 90 minutes and it looks like the ilovetypography.com server can’t handle all the traffic.

    Oh, to be Zeldman, and have such control over the force to bring down an entire star destroyer. Website.

  2. Yes, iLT has been well and truly Zeldmaned.
    Thanks for the mention, and apologies to those trying to access the site. The Zeldman/Digg effect has crashed the poor server. I’m in the process of upgrading the server now.

  3. In the meantime…

    Thank you for posting a couple of the links to review while we wait for the upgrade, and congrats on another feather for the ‘ol cap. The classic ambiance of ALA is something I point clients to as an example to how to properly use serif in their daily lives.

  4. Using images for text might look pretty, but it breaks the browser — you can’t select it like you can select text, and it won’t show up if you search the web page. That’s just elevating style over substance.

  5. That article was one of the few things I’ve ever found on Digg, and just sat and refreshed it every five minutes until it came up. Most of the time, if I click a Digg link and the site’s hosed, I move on, but this one was worth the hassle and F5-ing.

    Maybe it’s because I went and saw helvetica last weekend, but I’m on a big typography kick right now. I think this might be the only time anyone in history has been on a “typography kick”, by the way.

  6. A typography kick. I’ve noted that one for future use. I’m still waiting for Helvetica to come to Japan, so I must admit to being this pages’ colour with envy.

  7. Many of those are excellent sites, but I don’t think any of them are examples of excellent web typography. Some of them use unselectable Flash text, some of them use text and background colors that contrast poorly. The most common problem is that body copy is set in too small of a font size. I’ve got good vision, but every time I read ALA I hit {Command +} to bump the font size up a notch.

    90% of web design is font readability (leading, size, face) and using generous padding/margins (i.e. whitespace).

  8. I’m on a typography kick too! I came across iLT soon after it launched and have been really loving it. I’d never given much thought to typography before (I arrived at design from a more technical angle) but now I notice it everywhere. I went to see Atonement last week: the film’s good but what struck me most was the excellent use of early 20th century typefaces!

    I love typography too and it’s all thanks to Johno :)

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