31 Aug 2007 11 am eastern

Event Apart Chicago wrap-up

The sights, sounds, and sense of An Event Apart Chicago 2007. Thank you, Chicago. You rocked. (Literally.) An Event Apart San Francisco is our next and final show of the year.

An Event Apart Chicago 2007 Photo Pool
Those who were there share photos in and out of the conference.
Blog reactions to An Event Apart Chicago ’07
Via Technorati.
An Event Apart ’07 Extended Mix
The interstitial playlist from the show.
Middle West
Speaker Dan Cederholm’s recap of the event.

One track continues to rule. It rules because you don’t have to decide where to go and what to miss. But it also rules because the conversations in the hallways and pubs can be centered around the same sessions. There’s no “ah, I missed that one because I saw ______ instead”. There’s a complete shared experience between all attendees, and that’s a very good thing.

Seven Lies in Chicago
Liz Danzico recaps her presentation and answers questions about information architecture.
Best Practices for Web Form Design
Slides from the powerful and incredibly useful talk by Luke W. “I walked through the importance of web forms and a series of design best practices culled from live site analytics, usability testing, eye-tracking studies, and best practice surveys. Including some new research on primary and secondary actions, and dynamic help examples.”
Design Your Way Out of a Paper Bag
Luke W: “Jason Santa Maria’s Design Your Way Out of a Paper Bag highlighted some of his creative process when working on the redesign of popular Web destinations.”
Search Analytics
Luke W: “Lou Rosenfeld’s Search Analytics talk at An Event Apart outlined ways designers and developers could utilize search query logs to uncover insights about their site’s audience and needs.”
7 Lies about Information Architecture
Luke W: “Liz Danzico’s talk at An Event Apart dissected seven often-cited information architecture rules and highlighted counter examples that exposed why these rules might be better suited as design considerations.”
Selling Design
Luke W: “Zeldman discussed the soft skills that enable designers to get great work out in the world.”
KickApps at An Event Apart
Dwayne Oxford: “It’s difficult to walk away from an event like this without a fresh perspective on CSS and the DOM, a head-full of elegant design techniques, and enough inspiration to catapult our work to the next level.”
On An Event Apart Chicago 2007
Brain Freeze on AEA: “Never a boring moment.”
She car go
Speaker, developer and author Jeremy Keith shares his experience of An Event Apart Chicago.

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10 Responses to “Event Apart Chicago wrap-up”

  1. Christopher Schmitt said on

    Thanks the link to Luke’s post about your talk–I wish I could have been there for that talk alone.

    I’ll try to go to the next AEA that’s in Chicago!

  2. Beth Budwig said on

    It was a wonderful time – thank you for all the links. I’ve finally documented your resemblance to the monk on the ceiling of the Irish Pub, here.

  3. Jeremy Keith said on

    thank you!

  4. Bridget Stewart said on

    I am now an AEA junkie. If I can’t get work to pay for it, I’ll pay for it myself. This conference was top notch and from the chatter amongst the crowd, it fills the needs of all types of peeps: Newb to Overlord.

    Thanks again, Jeffrey. AEA was worth every cent!

  5. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Thank you for saying so, Bridget! And thank you for coming to AEA Chicago.

  6. scott parsons said on

    An event apart, Sydney…
    I’m just saying.

    But seriously, I am very jealous and would love to go to an AEA event. But the commute is a killer

  7. Matt Everson said on

    Thanks for the links, Jeffrey. Both of your presentations in Chicago were awesome. As expected, I walked away with a book full of notes that will easily pay for the conference 50 times over.

  8. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Awesome site, Matt! Thanks for coming to the show, and thanks for the very kind words.

    Scott, did you say Sydney?

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