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“The Dark Side of the ‘Citizen Media’ Revolution”
“Blogs—the primary engine of Web 2.0’s so-called ‘citizen media’ revolution—are ten years old this week,” says Andrew Keen. Mine’s over twelve, but who’s counting? (And how can something that old be called Web 2.0, anyway? But I digress.) Keen fears that unmediated publishing, made possible by the web, is lowering the quality of discourse. To oversimplify (but only a bit), “professional” writer + editor + publisher = good for civilization; Jane Smith + WordPress = bad for civilization. The idea that the two conversations might enrich each other eludes Keen. Coincidentally, he has a book on the subject.
Mahalo – “first human-powered search engine”
Currently in Alpha, whatever that still means, Muhalo (Hawiian for “Thank you”) wants to be a hybrid of Google and Wikipedia. Whether these two ways of finding and learning can be combined by a volunteer community is the noble and exciting experiment Mahalo will perform. My Mahalo profile, written by Dave, seems pretty good for a start. Suggestion: encoding ampersands to create valid URLs on “return” links would be a nice (and easy) minor technical improvement. Hat tip: Daniel Schutzsmith.
Diagonal Stripe Background Generator
Satire of an exhausted “Web 2.0″ visual trend, or useful graphic design tool? It’s both! Ajax-powered visual design tool lets you create, preview, and download seamless, striped background images, with or without gradients.
Tartan maker
Still using diagonal stripes? Get with it. Generate seamless tartan patterns for all your Web 3.0 needs.
Requirements? That’s Sooo ’90s
“Usability and accessibly must be passive to be truly successful. No requirements, no rules, no instructions.”
Fine adult and children’s book illustration by Jena Scott.
Film Techniques of Alfred Hitchcock
Top 13 basic film techniques of Alfred Hitchcock. The audience is pulled in by eyes, camera, distractions, point of view, montage, simplicity, ironic characters, dual actions, MacGuffins, etc. Every visual storyteller should know these principles. Via Kottke.
Ugly Airline Math: Planes Late, Fliers Even Later – New York Times
Statistics track how late airplanes are, not how late passengers are. The longest delays—those resulting from missed connections and canceled flights—involve sitting around for hours or even days in airports and hotels and do not officially get counted.
Recycle or help someone reuse your old cell phone (AKA mobile phone).
Recycle Your iPod or Cell Phone
From Apple. Like it says. Free.
iPhone: The Music Video
Twittered by millions. New York Times technology columnist (and former off-Broadway pianist/conductor) David Pogue dumps his old mobile for the iPhone in this sing-a-long video, set to the strains of “My Way.” It shines brightest when folks in line at the Apple Store start belting out the refrain. P.S. What’s up with the boat boy?
ZOMG! Spare me the POSH acronyms, please!
Ara Pehlivanian’s well-reasoned rant against the rebranding of semantic HTML. Minus the anger and hyperbole, I agree with him.
R.I.P. Kramer
No, not the fictional character played by racial harmony guru Michael Richards. Kramer was a great WordPress plug-in that found incoming links to your site’s posts and printed them in your comments field. Alas, a few days ago, Kramer began time-stamping all such links December 31st, 1969 at 3:58 pm in place of their actual publication dates. Not only did this strew one’s site with factual inaccuracies, it also had the effect of sticking rudimentary inbound link text at the top of every comment column, since comments publish from oldest to most recent, and no comment will ever be older than December 31st, 1969. When obvious potential remedies such as emptying the cache failed to correct the problem, I (and presumably every other Kramer user who’s awake) disabled Kramer. The program has not been updated since 2005. Perhaps some nice person will fix it. If not, R.I.P. and thanks for the good years.

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15 thoughts on “My Ding-a-Links

  1. Aah, the Tartan Maker is awesome! Maybe Tartan will be the new drop shadow rounded corner gradient background reflection! ;)

  2. Ha! Tartans == Web 3.0, that made me laugh. Thanks for that. As a new resident of the tartan happy province of Nova Scotia, I predict Web 3.0 will be very popular here in the Maritimes. There’s a guy in the local farmer’s market doing it the old-skool way: hand-painting them, along with family names, on wood strips from old apple barrels. Ah, I needed that laugh, good one.

  3. Thanks Jeffrey for your mention of our tools!
    I’d like to specify that 3.0 application will not have a beta phase, like in web 2.0.
    Tartans make them rock stable since first release, in pure highlander style.

    Have fun!


  4. Hmm. It’s interesting to note that while you seem to be indicating you’re against the term POSH, you’re actually listed on the POSH site as someone who has advanced the state of POSH…. in fact, this is apparently a POSH blog.

    Semantic HTML? I reckon so.
    Plain? Surely not!

    …and on that note I’ll be tactful and exit quietly :-)

  5. I looked through the Kramer code. The only place it formats timestamps into date strings is in a header and in a log it writes. The date it puts into the database seems to be extracted in plaintext from XML it receives from Technorati. Because it’s either receiving “December 31, 1969 3:58 p.m.” or “-120″ from Technorati (negative 120 is the Unix timestamp for 12/31/69 15:58:00).

    So if you want Kramer fixed, someone needs to sync it up with whatever changes Technorati made to their API, or get Technorati to unbreak Kramer by backing out those changes so the date is in the format that used to work well with Kramer.

  6. So if you want Kramer fixed, someone needs to sync it up with whatever changes Technorati made to their API, or get Technorati to unbreak Kramer by backing out those changes so the date is in the format that used to work well with Kramer.

    Right: the changes Technorati made would need to be accounted for in an updated version of Kramer. Which can’t happen if Kramer is no longer being actively updated.

  7. Whether the term POSH is debated as a “right” or “wrong” doesn’t really matter much to me. I’m new enough to the process that, when I hear such terms from folks like Zeldman, Cederholm, and the like I think – “Must learn what that is, and implement it pronto!”

    Thanks for the links, its good to know whats on your mind lately.

  8. Right: the changes Technorati made would need to be accounted for in an updated version of Kramer. Which can’t happen if Kramer is no longer being actively updated.

    Kramer is GPL, open source. Anyone who has time to dig into the Technorati API a smidge can fix the date issue pretty quickly and distribute the fixed version.

    Note I said anyone who has time…

    Work commute and child care are 13 hours daily, plus 2 full weekend days of child care a month when my wife works, and sharing child care duties the remaining weekend days.

    On top of this I’m moving 8 sites to new servers before the end of the month, trying to put together my audition video for “The Next Food Network Star”, maintaining three other sites, and preparing for out of town guests who will kill all my spare time next weekend.

    So do I have time to dig into the Technorati API anytime soon? No. But I hoped that providing that analysis of what’s causing the problem might encourage one of your other readers who knows PHP to pick up the ball and carry it the rest of the way.

    Still, if you don’t mind the timestamp being the time that the script ran instead of the timestamp Technorati provides, I can have you a fixed version by Monday.

  9. pretty cool, thanks for the links. oh and thanks for giving me something todo in between meeting lol.

    That Maholo search is nice but it looks like it will be a race between them and Guess I’ll have to use both until there is a winner!

    See you in Chicago.

  10. Web 2.0 is here to stay and I was just reading how there is a new player in the socialsite arena who is going to offer and open social site…one central log in for multiple sites…that will be excellent.

  11. Hey Its really sound good listening to this. Jeffery has really outlined each and everthing for which I am thankful to him. It has cleared my quires related to web 2.0. I can simply say It rocks.

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