It’s a dirty job…

And we hope you’ll take it. Happy Cog Philadelphia seeks a fabulous project manager. Must communicate superbly, value great work and great client relationships, respect deadlines and the creative process, enjoy Basecamp and love Philadelphia. Details are available on the 37signals Job Board.

3 thoughts on “It’s a dirty job…

  1. I likely wouldn’t get the job BUT anyone who’s thinking about it and has not visited Phili don’t worry. Phili rocks.

    You can actually afford an aprtment without living with ten other people and having a three hour cummute. Food is good, entertainment is fine. Plus if you have a free long weekend those other east coast cities are just a sort ride away. Bottom line don’t be afraid of Phili.

  2. Phili is fabulous. I would go there in a heartbeat if I believed I was qualified for the job, as well.

    Perhaps you’re not having a lot of responses to this because, over these many years, you have taught us all so much great stuff about webbing that we are all slap happy in our jobs and careers, our bosses are giddy with our magnificent performances and, if these bosses ever DO let us go, it is only because you caused us to be so much better than what they deserve.

    Either that, or it’s been really difficult trying to chew through these straps…

  3. Makes me wish I wanted a PM gig but I love my current position and wouldn’t think of leaving it.

    If anyone is one the fence about the location, I’d like to echo the previous comments by saying that Philadelphia is a great place to live. I live in the Philly metro area and have been here since the late 1980’s.)

    There’s theater, great museums, good music, fantastic food and lots of great watering holes. It’s an easy drive to the shore, the mountains, Baltimore, NYC, DC… it’s just a great place to live. It’s a city with a small town feel. The best of both worlds.

    I’ll tell the PM’s I know about this opening. Maybe someone in my circle would be interested.

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