19 Jun 2007 9 pm eastern

The Beatles slept here

My body insists it’s 10:30 at night, but the sun tells a different story. That orb has barely begun to set over Puget Sound, whose ripples magnify and fragment its blinding whiteness. The sun and its watery reflection are all I can see from my waterside hotel window. This is Seattle and I’ve come here to put on a show.

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12 Responses to “The Beatles slept here”

  1. Bernie Zimmermann said on

    The Edgewater, huh? Enjoy your stay in Seattle!

  2. Deaf Musician said on

    Enjoy another sold out event! I really wish to attend An Event Apart someday. I will keep an eye out for any CA shows!

  3. Jason Friesen said on

    Leaving Robson, British Columbia with a crew from Selkirk College in the morning. See you Thursday morning (if not at Wednesday night registration)!

  4. Oliver said on

    Way back in 1995 I’ve lived south of Seattle (Lacey) for a few months. I went to the Evergreeen State College (to study English, I hope from this reading you can tell I have been successful), which is said to be the most beautiful college at the west coast. That might be true. Not only are there beautiful colleges, all surroundings are great there. Puget sound, crystal mountain, and so on. Man, I go green with envy. How much I’d love to be there… Have fun!

  5. Dean Collins said on

    So are you more popular than Jesus now?

  6. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Nice pop-cultural reference. No. Nor can I walk on the water.

  7. Stebbins said on

    The Edgewater is a great hotel! Good hotel bar too….

    Looking forward to the event!


  8. Tim K said on

    Welcome to Seattle Jeffrey! I’m sorry I can’t make it to the Event this year, last year’s was wonderful. Enjoy the weather, it always rains here you know.

  9. John Lascurettes said on

    So so jealous of two of my co-workers that got in before the sell-out and joining you tomorrow. I went last year, but I sure wanted to double my pleasure this year. Have fun.

  10. Ian Adams said on

    Welcome to Seattle! Sounds like you got here just in time for the rain to finally stop, too!

    As your attorney, I advise you to check out the Fremont Troll, Gasworks Park, Alki Beach (I think there’s even a small ferry now that goes from downtown Seattle to Alki), the Arboretum, and the Seattle Public Library. (I had to get at least one thing in there where you can catch a wireless signal; but wi-fi is pretty ubiquitous here.)

    Enjoy your stay!

  11. Johnny said on

    If you think NY->Seattle is a tough run on the body, try doing NY->Soul and presenting the next day. ;-)

  12. Jeremy White said on

    Airporter dropped me off at the Edgewater. The guy said, “The lobbies to the left!” I said, “Thanks!” and then I walked up the hill two blocks to the Ace Hotel.

    Cheap but swank. They put a kama sutra book with condoms inside next too my bed….haha! ;-)

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