Hi, Mom!

A Business Week slide show, “Thinking Outside the Design Box,” profiles “10 professionals working at the very edges of their disciplines in order to redefine their industries.” Included are designers Lisa Strausfeld of Pentagram, who helped design the interface for One Laptop Per Child; Robin Chase, the founder of Zipcar; and (ulp!) me.

I’m in there because they needed a pretty face, and because of the whole web standards thing.

The piece is part of “Cutting-Edge Designers 2007,” a Business Week Special Report focusing on innovation that arises out of crossing disciplines and combining technologies.

It’s worth reading, which is lucky, because I would have blogged it no matter what.

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13 thoughts on “Hi, Mom!

  1. That’s great. I’m glad your hard work is getting you respect outside the world of webdesigners and developers.

    … and I think the picture was cool. None of that sharp focus, glossy saturated colors, suit ‘n’ smile thing. Very NYC :)

  2. There’s nothing surprising about you being included into that slide show. Everybody who know at least something about web design, know that you’re the guru of the latter. It is time you face it, Jeffrey :)

    I was also curious what projects you’re working now on. What’s new and interesting?

  3. One of our clients said you look like Ricky Gervais in that photo. We were alerted to your presence in the slideshow by the construction company downstairs from us. Your reach has proven to be vast and multidisciplinary indeed.

  4. Nice Mr. Zeldman! You are the sparkling star of ‘Standardistas’.
    Keep up the good work! Seriously, glad you got a mention.
    My shout outs to your mum as well, lol. She’s prolly a nice lady…

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