Since 1995

Oops, there goes our anniversary. On 31 May 2007 this site turned twelve years old. Ah, memories! Who can forget …

  • Gifplex (1995, an early “web multimedia” art experiment)
  • The Ad Graveyard (real ads that almost ran, 1995–1998)
  • Pardon My Icons (unusual icons for your desktop or website, 1995–1998)
  • 15 Minutes (interviews with movie stars and “cyber stars,” 1996–1999)
  • Ask Dr Web (an early guide to designing websites; taken offline because the presentational HTML techniques it advocated have long since become outdated thanks to web standards)
  • Mr Jenkins’s Last Martini (1996, the web’s first alcoholic haiku contest)

… and all the other juicy Web 1.0 Goodness™. Not to mention a couple dozen discarded designs, legions of obsolete splash pages, and a certain Daily Report that was initially dumped onto a page called coming.html and maintained daily and steadily for years before it became conscious of itself, acquired a title, and moved to the site’s front page.

The web found me and claimed me. Everything else followed. Maybe you feel that way, too. Thank you for what you bring to the web, and thank you for twelve years or your part of it.

“The independent publisher refuses to die.”


Daily Reports from 1997 On
You don’t need the WayBack machine to go way back in history. Enjoy these representative Daily Report pages from 1997 on (including the famous HTML Fist).

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34 thoughts on “Since 1995

  1. Thank you Jeffery, for helping to change the way we do things and for making the web a better place each and every day you exist in it.

  2. Huzzah! One hopes that your spouse would be as forgiving, should you ever slip up and forget that anniversary.

  3. Congratulations and thank you very much for beeing in the web for such a long time. You’re one of those who make the web better each day. Stay with us.
    Im’ looking forward to the next twelve years you publish here and there.

  4. Hope you will stay for another 12 years. Everyone’s needed when it comes up in the next few years: New Standards, growing web, expanding new media.


  5. And the ripples of your influence on the Web will be felt for decades. As one of your thousands of quiet disciples, I just want to say… thanks. I probably would have left this field in disgust years ago if it hadn’t been for the rise of Web standards. Now I love what I do.

  6. I remember those! I didn’t remember that it was you who put them, up, though. I guess I’ve been reading your site longer than I thought. :-)

  7. Yours was the third website I ever visited on the web – after I searched for the word “Icons” on Yahoo in 1996. This autumn I’ll be celebrating eleven years of building web sites – thank you. :)

  8. Wow – I am getting old. I remember all this stuff like it was only a few years ago.

    I used to stumble across your site all the time for different reasons, then later when I hosted an icon links list I of course had a link to Pardon My Icons.

    Your site always stood out in that it showed the time and effort you put into it. You’re still reaping the rewards of that time and effort today…

  9. Amazing! That makes you one of the earliest bloggers on the internet! Don’t ever retire, Zeldman! Keep going. I expect another “Since 1995″ post 10 years from now!

  10. Wow, has it been 12 years already?

    Seems like just yesterday that I began reading and following your site. Happy Anniversary, Jeffrey… and many many thanks from someone who learned web design and was greatly influenced by you.

    The whole internet should pay homage to you, as without JZ, the internet would not be what it is today.

    Looking forward to many more years and many more AEAs!

  11. I loved the Ad Graveyard! and Ask Dr Web, too, and this was probably the first blog I started reading, before I (or anyone else) had heard that word. Your work has been absolutely life-changing for me, both here and at A List Apart.

    Thank you, and here’s to (at least) 12 more years!

  12. Web on, Mr. Zeldman (and company.) We’ll be following your lead for many years to come. Thank you for changing us for the better.

  13. Jeffrey, you are indelibly inked into my earliest and happiest web memories. Plus, I am delighted to say I brought Happy Cog one of its first paying clients.

    Proud to know you, my friend. Happy Anniversary.

    Gail Dedrick

  14. I still remember arriving at your front page and seeing the cartoons respond to mouseovers and thinking “Wow, how did he do that?”, then looking at the code and thinking “Wow, how did he do that?”

    It’s been the first stop on my daily morning blog trawl ever since. Congrats.

  15. Congratulations on this wonderful anniversary! Thank you for all you have done to blaze the way ahead for those of us who hope to make a living frm tapping on our keyboards…

  16. Congratulations.

    Gee, I feel old just having had a website or another for the last ten years.

    And to see what the youngsters can whip up in a fortnight, sheesh.

    Anyway, here’s to another 12 years at the very least.

  17. Congratulations! We at New Riders are honored to have been a part of your journey. You have changed the world.

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