15 May 2007 10 am eastern

Web Design Survey closes soon

I took it! And so should you. The Web Design Survey, 2007.

As it turns out, the profession that dare not speak its name has a lot to say for itself. Over 30,000 people have taken a few minutes to help create the first (soon-to-be) publicly available data about people who make websites. And you?

If you haven’t yet filled out The Web Design Survey, now is the time: the survey closes on 22 May. Our thanks to all who have already participated.

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13 Responses to “Web Design Survey closes soon”

  1. Todd Little said on

    Hopefully the lack of responses to this post is due to the irresistable urge to click on the survey itself. I’m thrilled to see the initiative being taken to understand our profession a little better. I would liked to have seen more questions on technology and tool preferences though. Maybe next year.

    Todd Little

  2. André said on

    Thanks for the tip. I’d really like to see that survey for a broader audience though. ALA claims to be “for people who make websites” — well, I do, but not professionally. The surveys does not consider that possibility.

    I would have left a comment right where it belongs, but their signup form just gives me the creeps…

  3. Vincent said on

    I’d really like to see the results of the survey. There isn’t a huge amoutn of people in the web industry but there’s quite a few.

  4. Brien said on

    Great survey! Kinda funny though – the end of the survey was a dead end… I would have thought it would have links to more information about the survey, current tallies, last year’s results/articles… I had to follow secondary navigation back to the main site. I know it’s a silly gripe, but a trivial style mistake on such a fantastic website stands out like a door ding on a Ferrari.

  5. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Brien said:

    Great survey! Kinda funny though – the end of the survey was a dead end… I would have thought it would have links to more information about the survey, current tallies, last year’s results/

    links to more information about the survey: software used to generate the survey is linked in the footer of the survey.

    current tallies: not shown so as not to influence results while the survey is still open.

    last year’s results: there are none, as this is the first time we (or anyone else) have done a survey on web design.

  6. Fernando said on

    Thanks for your work and ideas! The web survey is a great way to know more about our profession!

  7. WD Milner said on

    Parts of the survey questinos themselves could have been better designed but it might be interesting tos ee the results nevertheless.

  8. Web Contempo said on

    I took the survey several weeks ago, and I am happy to hear that it got such a great response. I hope the results will be shared!

  9. Kevin R said on

    Glad to hear that there has been so much response. I participated in the survey last week, and have passed it on to my friends in the “biz.” We are a mixed lot–a “communications coordinator,” an “art director,” a “search engine marketing specialist,” a “server administrator” and a “copywriter.” We have many, many overlapping tasks, but each is a specialist in one area or another as well.

    Even though we all have different titles, we are all members of the Web design/development community, and can create websites on our own. But it takes all of us working together to create really successful, beautiful, well functioning sites.

    After recently moving back and becoming a staff member at my alma mater, I hope to see a shift in the curriculum recognizing the specializations available in the Web industry.

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