swfIR (swf Image Replacement)

Happy Cog’s Jon Aldinger, Mark Huot, and Dan Mall have published an image replacement method to remove some of the limitations of the standard HTML image object while supporting standards-based design concepts.

Using unobtrusive JavaScript, progressive enhancement, and Flash, swfIR (pronounced “swiffer”) lets designers include high-quality, scalable artwork in user-resizable web layouts—and even add styles to the images.

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27 thoughts on “swfIR (swf Image Replacement)

  1. aha! the .zip file download is working now :)
    is that because i click the swfIR link through your website, mr. zeldman? :D

    the demo looks fantastic!
    can’t wait to play with it very soon.

  2. I saw it this morning and started playing around. The only issue I see is the flash before the change is implemented. If you select any of the examples you see the square image and after the page finished loading you see the rounded corners. I am still looking around, so I may have missed something. I do like the direction swfir is headed and will look to see how I can implement this into some of my web projects.

  3. Looks like he who snoozes, looses.

    I built something very similar, but not nearly as robust, back in the fall.


    Mine doesnt do all of the image effects..its goal was to utilize flash alpha transparency to deal with IE6’s lousy png support.

    What my solution DID do was take care of the flash of untreated images…

    I’ll apologize in advance for garbage documentation and almost no documentation in my first run at the code.

    Nonetheless…I’m glad someone did what I was going to do, and made it freaking sweet.
    Cheers to the team. I hope this really takes off.

  4. @Jeffrey,
    Something has been funky with dreamhost the last couple of days….It’s up right now, 9:46AM EST. Without the www. prefix the site won’t load. I’ve submitted a help request to support.

    Thanks for trying to check it out though…I’ll drop you a line personally when things get resolved to see if you’ve had a chance to get into it.

    Thanks again!

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  6. I think the concept of degradable and unobtrusive Flash “content blocks” is a real winner, it’s something I’ve been building into a lot of WordPress powered sites recently.

    Look forward to trying this out and seeing the project shape up.

  7. I’m sorry, I don’t agree on how “standard-based” this design-concept is. All you do is server-side render something that is standard and then, if possible, client-side replace it with something non standard-based.

    I’d rather see something using SVG for this, in case its enabled by browser or plug-in. I wonder if that exists? Still it would be a hack, but it would be beautiful to switch that hack off as soon as a majority comes with a good browser..

    How much people actually come here without an SVG browser? IE anyone? :)

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